Before taking "Yasmin" complete medical examination and find out whether you should avoid medication. Diabetes, thrombosis, migraine, certain cancer and renal failure "yasmin" can worsen your condition. In addition, tablets banned intake during pregnancy and lactation, and in some gynecological diseases.
If "Yarin" you're not drinking other oral contraceptive, start taking pills from the first day of menstrual bleeding. Less reliable scheme, in which "Veronica" is assigned with the 2-5 day cycle. In this case it is better to err in the week to further protect the barrier methods.
If you go to "Yarinu" after other oral contraceptives, do a seven-day break between courses. Although many doctors are inclined to believe that it would be safer to drink "Yarinu", starting from the next day after cancelling a previous drug.
Take every day one pill "Yasmin". Take it with a small amount of water. Course duration — 21 days. High contraceptive effect is guaranteed only in the case that you do not miss a day and drink the drug around the same time of day.
If you suddenly forgot to take the pill at the appointed time, do it as soon as possible. Delay up to 12 hours does not threaten. If more time passed, the contraceptive effect is reduced, and therefore better in the coming days to further protect themselves with a condom or completely refrain from sexual intercourse.
At the end of the package make a seven-day break. Usually on the second or fourth day after taking the last pill during menstruation.
Sometimes the body needs time to get used to "Arine". In this period, there may be discomfort in the Breasts, headache, decreased libido, diarrhea, and vomiting. In the latter two cases, while addiction to the drug is necessary to use additional methods of protection.