Advice 1: How to stop drinking tablets

Hormones is a great method of contraception. But sooner or later the question arises and the advisability of terminating the use of a drug. The abolition of the tablets, as their appointment, shall recommend a specialist.
How to stop drinking tablets
Make an appointment with the gynecologist, if you decide to stop taking hormones. After examination and taking a smear will advise you other methods of contraception, and recommend how best to abandon the use of the funds.
The best and most gentle way to stop taking the drug to drink the whole bottle of pills. After a seven-day break do not start to use the hormones. It should be noted that a hormonal effect may persist for weeks. But if you don't plan conceiving (and it is better to wait for 2-3 months), will resort to using barrier methods of protection.
If you feel bad, for example, had severe pain in the abdomen, migraine or other discomfort, stop taking the hormonal pills in the same day. The sharp rejection of the drug can cause severe uterine bleeding, but in this case, another way out just yet. After a visit to the doctor and have an examination, it is possible that the receiving means can be resumed. But it is provided that it will not cause harm to your health.
During planned surgeries stop taking hormone therapy at least 2 weeks before surgical intervention. Talk about it with your doctor. Contraceptives alter the biochemical composition of the blood, which adversely affects the operation and the rehabilitation process.
Every 3-4 months take a break in taking hormonal tablets. Finish the last pills out of the blister, after menstruation do not take the drug. If the next period will begin in time, can resume the use of the funds. When menstruation was not followed or it started very late, this means that you need to be examined by a doctor. Perhaps what happened a hormonal imbalance.

Advice 2: How to drink coal tablets

Black tablets of activated charcoal known to everyone since childhood. Cheap and safe, they are in any drugstore and OTC. However, still not all know how to make this simple and at the same time effective drug.
How to drink coal tablets
To use the charcoal tablets can in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, as they are superb absorbent, soaking up toxins. Drink charcoal as soon as I felt symptoms of poisoning stale food. You can take activated charcoal bloating and gas hangover. Charcoal is not absorbed into the systemic circulation and is excreted in the feces along with the toxins and other harmful substances.
Do not wait for the effect of one pill – an adult this is clearly not enough. Doctors recommend the formula – 1 tablet of activated charcoal per 10 kg of body weight. An adult male weighing 70 kg needs to take seven coal tablets at the same time.
In case of poisoning by potent substances acids, alkalis, cyanides, salts of heavy metals, do not take activated charcoal inside. In this case it is used for gastric lavage. Before the arrival of the doctor spread 1 tablespoon of powder in 1 liter of water and consume liquid suspended in 100-150 ml. in a few minutes induce vomiting and repeat the procedure 2-3 times.
Not dissolve, or chew activated charcoal, otherwise its adsorbing action begins right in the mouth. You must swallow the tablets whole and drink a small amount of clean water. For younger children, you can divide the tablets into small pieces or pulverize.
Please note that the activated carbon is produced in different forms, for example, with the addition of medicinal herbs. Charcoal with chamomile, fennel, chamomile has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, gently restoring its function is disturbed.
Keep in mind that charcoal has some side effects. Some people may experience constipation. Within a couple of days the stool is most often normalized by itself. Do not use coal tablets, if you have gastritis or an ulcer. In this case it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Advice 3: How to pick up pills

Hormones are a unique discovery in the field of contraception. The principle of operation is quite simple. Under the influence of hormones going on blockade of ovulation, whereby the egg is just not Mature and certainly not out of the ovary. Pregnancy does not occur, because the sperm becomes simply nothing to fertilize. Pick up hormonal pills should be taking into account individual peculiarities of the female organism.
How to pick up pills
Micro-dose hormonal pills are perfect for young and nulliparous women who have regular sexual intercourse more often than once a week. Micro-dose hormonal pill is the best means of protection from unwanted pregnancy for the girls who have never enjoyed the means of hormonal contraception. Such tablets include: "Lindinet-20", "Jess", "LOGEST", "Mersilon", "Novinet", "Klajra". These medications are easily tolerated and have virtually no side effects.
Low-dose hormonal pills are recommended to women in late reproductive age and parous women. These pills it is advisable to use also the young and nulliparous girls, living a regular sexual life, ovulation which, as a result of receiving micro-dose hormonal drugs, are not blocked. The most popular low-dose hormonal therapy are: "yasmin", "Lindinet-30", "Marvelon", "Regulon", Jeanine", "Silest" and "Miniziston".
Parous women and women in late reproductive age living a regular sexual life, perfect and srednedushevye hormonal pills: "Desmoulins", "Chloe" and "Diana-35". These drugs are not only able to protect the woman from unwanted pregnancy, they are also a great remedy for regulating the menstrual cycle.
But high-dose, highly hormonal pillssuch as "Ovidon", "Three-regolith", "Trikvilar", "Triziston", "Milane" and "Non-Dark", used typically to address a variety of hormonal diseases and as protection from unwanted pregnancy during the period of treatment hormonal disturbances. These tablets can be used only on prescription.

Advice 4: How to quit pills

Hormonal agents in the treatment of various diseases and also for contraception used long ago, although it is still about their benefit or detriment fierce controversy. But in any case it is clear that, where possible, their intake should be limited or cease altogether. To do this, unfortunately, is not easy, because often, to drugs produces addiction, and denying the body the usual pills, you can cause more harm. But if it's done properly, no damage to health will not.
How to quit pills
Independently to stop the use of hormonal pills in any case it is impossible, even if it is relatively harmless contraceptives. Be sure to make an appointment with your physician if you do not want a sharp deterioration of his health. The expert knows what schemes for reduction and discontinuation of hormonal medications exist them properly you will paint.
If you take birth control after a seven-day break, the cessation of their use undesirable. Take your pills until the end of the month, or perhaps uterine bleeding. After you finish the last pill from the package, wait for menses and then go on reception to the gynecologist. He will inspect the condition of the genital organs and mammary glands and, if necessary, can advise on other means of protection from unwanted pregnancy. By the way, keep in mind that the cessation of use of the pill in most cases in the first three months leads to a pregnancy.
If you used hormonal agents for treatment of endocrine, skin and other diseases, prepare for the fact that the period of withdrawal from them can last two months, and in some cases more. Apply the scheme designed for you by a doctor. Take care of the drug or other treatment methods that may eventually replace the use of hormonal pills. In the process of reducing the intake of such medication advisable a Spa treatment.
During the period of phasing out of hormonal pills pay special attention to the gastro-intestinal tract. Try at this time do not overload it with food. Take care about good, quality food. Limit the consumption of any foods that may cause an allergic reaction in your body. Alcoholic beverages eliminate from your diet in General.
If possible, try to eliminate such factors that cause hormonal disruptions like lack of sleep, exhaustion and stress. If necessary, consult your doctor and enjoy a light sedative as Valerian or motherwort.
Try to rest more and get more fresh air. Moderate exercise also contribute to the stabilization of the health status of all internal organs and body systems.
Common to all of the hormonal pills – oral contraceptives is the presence of two major hormonal components – "estrogen" and "progestogen", although in different doses and combinations. Contraindications to use of hormonal pills. There are some women who take hormone pills should not.
Useful advice
Hormonal birth control pills (oral contraceptives). The principle of operation of hormonal contraceptive pills is that the effect of hormones going on blockade of ovulation, i.e. the egg does not ripen and is not out of the ovary. And once the sperm have nothing to fertilize, then pregnancy does not occur.

Advice 5: What is in the pill "Citramon P

"Tsitramon P" refers to filmgruppe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and contains as active ingredients complex of acetylsalicylic acid, caffeine and paracetamol. Complement this combination of excipients in small quantities, cocoa and citric acid.
What is in the pill "Citramon P

Indications for use

"Tsitramon P" is used in mild and moderate pains in the joints, headaches, neuralgia, neuritis, and other types of pain as anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic. It is also possible its use for symptoms of fever with acute respiratory and viral diseases.

The drug is most effective for the relief of pain caused by inflammatory processes in the body, due to the properties of acetylsalicylic acid, which has a strong antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Do not use "Tsitramon P" when aggravation of gastric ulcer and erosions of the gastrointestinal tract, in any surgery, hemorrhagic diathesis, hemophilia and other diseases related to the risk of bleeding, because the active substance of the drug significantly reduces blood clotting. In severe ischemic heart disease "Tsitramon P" can cause palpitations, a critical increase in blood pressure and bronchospasm, which also makes invalid the use of this drug in this case.

In addition, "Tsitramon P" not used in anxiety and sleep disorders, as included in its composition caffeine contributes to these conditions. Do not use this drug during pregnancy in the first and third trimester, asthma, hives and, of course, are hypersensitive to the ASA and its combinations.


To reduce the symptoms of fever with ARI and ARVI in adults the drug is used for one tablet 1 time every four hours. Children up to 15 years, the drug is not prescribed in connection with risk of development of Reye's syndrome – life-threatening hepatic encephalopathy that occurs when taking the ASC on the background of viral infections in children and adolescents. Treatment should be limited to three days, if it is not possible to implement current medical supervision.

In pain take 1-2 tablets two to three times a day, daily dose should not exceed 8 tablets. The course of treatment should not exceed 5 days without a doctor's prescription.


Drugs acetylsalicylic acid enhance the effect of anticoagulants, steroid hormones, drugs that lower blood sugar levels and reserpine. However, it reduces the effectiveness of spironolactone, diuretics, drugs aimed at excretion of uric acid.

Connection of paracetamol formed by a simultaneous intake of "Citramon" with barbiturates, antiepileptic drugs, ethyl alcohol and some other substances have a pronounced hepatotoxic effect.

Advice 6: How to take pills "Turboslim"

"Turboslim" – supplements to fight obesity. They help to solve the complex problem of excess pounds, helping to eliminate toxins, reduce appetite and improve metabolism.
Pills "Turboslim"
Each of the preparations "Turboslim" has a special focus, allowing you to choose the most optimal scheme of losing weight. Tablets well together. Usually prescribed main drug aimed at obtaining the desired effect, and an additional product that helps to fix the result.

"Turboslim Day" and "Turboslim Night"

The effect of the pill, "Turboslim Day" and "Turboslim Night" focused on the fight against obesity taking into account the biological rhythms of the body. Thus, the drug helps to activate the process of weight loss at different times of the day.

"Turboslim Day" take in the morning: 1-2 tablets during Breakfast or 1 tablet at Breakfast and lunch. "Turboslim Night" should be drunk during the dinner, the dosage is 2 capsules. Taking the drug for 4 weeks. If necessary, you can repeat the course, but before that should take a break of 1 month.

"Turboslim appetite Control"

This drug reduces the feelings of hunger. In the pills contains extract of South African hoodia cactus, which creates a so-called saturation effects. Tablets are convenient to use because is designed to be chewed.

To apply the "appetite Control" should, before each meal, keeping in your mouth as long as possible, until complete dissolution of the drug. Tablets at the time of application affect the taste buds, and therefore the result of their actions comes rather quickly.

"Turboslim Express weight loss"

Pills "rapid weight loss" is aimed at reducing weight within a short period of time. They accelerate metabolism, remove toxins, reduce appetite. The course lasts 3 days. Some tablets 3 times a day during meals in the morning and 2 white – 2 pink, evening – 2 blue capsules.

"Turboslim alpha lipoic acid and L-carnitine"

These pills promote the active breakdown of fat and acceleration of metabolism. The drug promotes weight loss and helps to fix the result, and therefore can be used as both primary and extra options. Take it 2 tablets before eating 1 time a day. The course must last at least 1 month.

"Turboslim Blocker calories"

Tablets Blocker calories preventing the absorption of nutrients, primarily carbohydrates and fats. This helps to reduce the number of calories consumed. In addition, the pill reduces appetite. The "blocker calories" is taken with each meal. The course should last at least 20 days. When taken regularly, you should take a break for 10 days.

Advice 7: How to lose weight with hormonal failure

To look perfect, many girls resort to a variety of crash diets, slimming teas, pills, and other dubious means. Often, however, these tricks do not lead to the long-awaited result. This happens when hormonal failure in the body.
How to lose weight with hormonal failure
First and foremost, you need to find out the cause of hormonal failure. This can be, and has not yet been identified pregnancy, severe disease of the endocrine system, the effects of austerity diet, and more. If a hormonal imbalance appeared on the background of any disease, you should not delay the visit to the doctor to be tested.

If you want to lose weight and do not want to take medication prescribed by your doctor, your efforts likely will not succeed. Therefore, the detection of the disease you have to balance the treatment and diet. In most cases, doctors do not prescribe special diets. In order to obtain a diet that will help lose weight and make the treatment effective, you have to refer to a dietitian.

Two sides of the coin

Usually when hormonal disruptions of the body breaks down and metabolism. Metabolism can either accelerate or slow down. If you have a slow metabolism you will involuntarily gain weight, even at observance of principles of proper nutrition. If the metabolism you have accelerated, you will constantly desire to eat, but the weight gain you won't. Diet in this case you will have to choose on the basis of the metabolism.

How to lose weight with hormonal failure

Each case will require special attention, but the basic guidelines are similar. First, you should drink enough water a day. On average, is 1.5-2 liters. You also need to perform any physical exercise. If you have no diseases of the cardiovascular system, you can use any sport, and if you have heart problems it is best to limit Hiking and feasible charge in the morning. The main thing – do not overload your body.

In terms of diet is best to follow a proper diet. Rigid diets, starvation and other drastic measures are not suitable – too high probability of disruption and a set of throw weight. For Breakfast you need to eat carbohydrates (fruit, cereals, etc.), at lunch I can eat anything, but for dinner, you should eat mostly proteins (cheese, yogurt, lean meat).

If you can't eat three meals a day, then you can add a few snacks – eat one Apple or other fruit, and hunger retreat. Sweets can be replaced with dried fruit (they contain no glucose, and fructose, which is better absorbed). Of course, as the forces should eliminate harmful foods and drinks. Ideally, different soft drinks, chips and crackers, cakes, pastries and other "harm" needs to leave your regular diet.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to throw off those extra pounds even in case of hormonal failure in an organism.

Advice 8: What are the pills that produce female sex hormones

Female sex hormones have a significant role in the body of the fairer sex. Their number depends on the appearance of the woman, her physical and emotional state. Unfortunately, not rare cases of hormonal imbalances in women, recovery of which may be pills, is made on the basis of female sex hormones. You should consider that before using them you must consult a gynecologist.
The names of the pills that produce female sex hormones
Usually the main female hormones are estrogen and progesterone produced by the ovaries. It should be noted that before the appointment of any female hormone orally to correct the menstrual cycle it is advisable to have an idea of what phase of the cycle it works, and what specific functions are performed. Moreover, tablets, which include female hormones, can be used as contraceptives. However, these birth control pills can contain estrogen or progesterone, and to have both hormone. Therefore, for the correct choice of the necessary female sex hormone as a therapeutic therapy be sure to know their functions in the body.

There are a number of preparations containing estrogens, is recommended for hormone replacement therapy after surgical removal of the ovaries in certain forms of breast cancer and as a contraceptive. Contraindications include: tumors of the uterus and the risk of thrombosis. Often these medicines are used strictly according to numbering in specific days of the cycle. Most popular today are the drugs: "Ovestin", "Premarin", "Miniziston", "Regulon".

To medicinal drugs containing the female hormone progesterone, include: "main", "Progesterone", "cough medicine". As a rule, they are appointed with the threat of interruption of pregnancy, fibrocystic mastopathy, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual irregularities and endometriosis. Contraindicated in renal and liver failure, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, high blood pressure, thrombosis and ectopic pregnancy.

Combined hormonal preparations that contain estrogens and progestins (progesterone) is used for contraception and normalization of menstrual cycle, subdivided into single phase and three phase.

Functions of estrogen and progesterone

Such important female sex hormones, produced in different periods of the cycle, play a different role in the body. Estrogens produced by ovaries are directly in the first phase of the cycle affect the occurrence of secondary sexual characteristics, improve skin condition, increase bone density and the deposition of subcutaneous fat. Progesterone appears at the beginning of the second phase, it is ovulation and the attachment of the fertilized egg, maintains pregnancy, and prepares mammary glands for milk production.

Factors that have a negative impact on hormonal balance

Hormonal balance is of great importance, but it is constantly influenced by various factors: fatigue, stress, age, sleep disorders, reduced immunity, Smoking, drug abuse, parasites, alcoholism, heredity, medicines, diseases.
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