Make an appointment with the gynecologist, if you decide to stop taking hormones. After examination and taking a smear will advise you other methods of contraception, and recommend how best to abandon the use of the funds.
The best and most gentle way to stop taking the drug to drink the whole bottle of pills. After a seven-day break do not start to use the hormones. It should be noted that a hormonal effect may persist for weeks. But if you don't plan conceiving (and it is better to wait for 2-3 months), will resort to using barrier methods of protection.
If you feel bad, for example, had severe pain in the abdomen, migraine or other discomfort, stop taking the hormonal pills in the same day. The sharp rejection of the drug can cause severe uterine bleeding, but in this case, another way out just yet. After a visit to the doctor and have an examination, it is possible that the receiving means can be resumed. But it is provided that it will not cause harm to your health.
During planned surgeries stop taking hormone therapy at least 2 weeks before surgical intervention. Talk about it with your doctor. Contraceptives alter the biochemical composition of the blood, which adversely affects the operation and the rehabilitation process.
Every 3-4 months take a break in taking hormonal tablets. Finish the last pills out of the blister, after menstruation do not take the drug. If the next period will begin in time, can resume the use of the funds. When menstruation was not followed or it started very late, this means that you need to be examined by a doctor. Perhaps what happened a hormonal imbalance.