Graphics processor

The graphical processor is a chip that is specifically designed for processing 3D graphics. It is, in essence, is the "brain" of a discrete graphics card. Graphics processor interpreterpath a series of binary commands known as machine code and converts them into a signal on the monitor. This algorithm involves the creation of progressive frames on the display, filling the pixels, adding lighting, texture and color. These actions involve a large number of mathematical calculations. The GPU performs the necessary calculations, reducing the load on the Central processing unit (CPU) and freeing up memory, which can be used for other purposes.


Several factors influence the performance of a discrete graphics card. One of them is the core clock frequency, which is measured in cycles per second or megahertz. This parameter determines the speed with which graphics card performs its main task. The memory speed determines how quickly information is distributed in blocks of the GPU. Some video cards with high performance in order to exceed the operational characteristics of the processors.

Discrete and integrated graphics

An alternative to a discrete graphics card is an integrated video adapter. In the first case this element is a separate chip that is mounted on the motherboard of the computer. Integrated video card integrated with the processor or the motherboard.

Both configurations have their advantages and disadvantages. In the presence of a discrete graphics card the system has enormous computing power, but consumes a lot of electricity. Integrated video card performs only basic functions. It can be suitable for some imaging applications, but generally less powerful and slower than a discrete graphics card.


The integrated graphics chip can be very useful for viewing web pages and operate basic office applications such as word processing. But for high-performance applications need a discrete graphics card. A negative factor of such applications will be a strong heating of the motherboard and reduced the operating time from the UPS. However, if you work with demanding applications, a discrete graphics card will be the only suitable option. You can install two adapters on the same computer that will allow you to switch between them if necessary.