Start to eat properly. Eliminate from your diet all fat-containing products: sausage, mayonnaise, butter and other dairy products. Better to forget about the beer. Also reduce the consumption of harmful sugars. They are found in bread, starch, flour products. Useful sugars are in fruits and vegetables, cereals, and grains. In terms of nutrients per kilocalorie produced with their help, 65% of them need to be obtained from carbohydrates, 20% from protein, and only 15% from fats (mainly vegetable and nut oil, sunflower oil).
Eat small portions every few hours. This will help to speed up metabolism, which leads to a reduction of body fat. Remember that per meal the body can not digest more than 30-35 grams of protein (all the excess immediately deposited in adipose tissue), and carbs per day it is necessary to take the rate of not less than 4 g * the weight of the body.
Perform special complex of physical exercises (at least 3 times a week, but preferably daily). First mash with a few torso twists, dips, lunges, swings hands, etc. Lie down on your back, hands put behind his head. Start to raise the body at 45-90 degrees, trying not to get his feet off the floor. You can add twisting to remove the sides: when raising the body, turn it left and right. Make at least 3 approaches for 20-30 repetitions. Continuing to lie on your back, slowly raise legs to 90 degrees. Do the exercise as many times as the previous one.
Select 2-3 days per week performing cardio exercises. Run, pedal a Bicycle, swim. This will help to cope with the extra weight quickly remove fat. In conjunction with exercises aimed at muscle strengthening and proper nutrition cardio will give the best effect that will noticeable after only a couple of weeks hard work.