Before attempting to catch the rabbit, pay attention to the signals he gives. Your rabbit has hind legs on the ground? This means that he cautions about its readiness at any moment to dart off. If the rabbit is tightly pressed to the ground, he is scared. As a rule, rabbits take such a position, if you hear a very loud, strange sound.
Teach your rabbit to come when called. In this case, you will be able to minimize the trouble of searching for a runaway pet. Call animal. If he seemed in sight, don't run to him and grab him sharply. It might scare the rabbit. A frightened animal is no longer trusted its permanent owner. Also to lure the furry fugitive, you can use your favorite Goodies. Put on your palm a small piece of carrot or a couple of pellets of dry food. The rabbit, noticing the delicacy, more willing to leave his Playground.
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The previous method is good if the Bunny is in sight. But maybe your pet is hiding in some secluded place. To find it will help knowledge about the habits of the rabbit. Carefully examine the items in the place where you last saw him. Rabbits like to hide in small crevices, among the papers and clothes. If the rabbit is not given the result, leave the room his cage. Perhaps her scent will attract the fugitive, and he will return to his home.
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Suppose you saw a runaway rabbit. Your first task is to gently approach him, without scaring. Rabbits are afraid of the dark objects that rapidly sink on top of them. They remind them of the behavior of birds of prey during a hunt. In this regard, it is impractical to take the rabbit from the top. Slowly the pet slowly sit down on his haunches. It is not necessary at this moment to remain silent. Speak with rabbit normal gentle voice. This will allow you come as close as possible to him. Carefully take the rabbit by the scruff with one hand. The second hand will catch the lower limbs. Gently Pat him and talk to him. Rabbits do not like when they lift up above the earth. For them it is a lot of stress. So your job is to alleviate his suffering during the transfer. Keep the rabbit it should be gently, but so that he could not escape.
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