You will need
  • cell;
  • tray;
  • - treat.
Before you bring a ferret home, prepare for him a cage. He will get used to the new conditions if for the first time to settle him in a limited area. In the cage put the closed house, feeder, drinker and the tray. The ferret that was born in the apartment, you can hold in a cage for two weeks. Wild animal need more time to adapt.
как впоймать хоря
The first two or three days to keep the ferret out of the cage. Remove the tray (it should be washed every day), change the contents of the feeders and waterers. Talk to your pet and call him by his name. Try to keep your voice was calm and gentle. Don't get angry if a ferret bites you. Punishing him is not necessary, but you can make a comment with a stern voice. Ferrets are very well distinguished tone. If you didn't bite, praise the animal and give him a treat.
выбирать домашнего хорька при покупке
Accustomed to the tray, start from the first day. The younger the ferret the better. Some animals immediately know where they should celebrate natural needs. However, most ferrets do not immediately begin to navigate the new environment. Observe which corner your pet will satisfied with toilet. The ferret will never defecate where eating or sleeping, so in the cell he had little choice. If, however, the ferret had done their business somewhere in other place — don't punish him. Let them know that you don't like it. Put the droppings in the tray and give them a little lie to was the smell.
как приручить хорька
Ferrets thrive outside the cell. Before you put your pet on the free content, tidy room. Ferrets love to chew on wires, so it is better to remove. You will not be able to wean your pet and the desire to dig everything, so potted plants it is better to remove.
выбрать хорька
In a small room can be limited to one tray. If the room is large, it is better to take two, because ferrets are not very patient and will not search the toilet all over the apartment. If the animal did its business in the wrong place, let him know that this behavior does not suit you. The ferret can be shaken by the scruff or sit for half an hour in the cage, accompanied by their actions strict observation. Before doing this, take the droppings in the tray and put back there ferret. This should be done immediately after "offences". Wash the floor thoroughly and treat the composition to eliminate odors.
хорёк не даётся в руки что делать
Teach your ferret to respond to a nickname. Call him by his name every time take in his arms and stroked. Nickname should evoke positive emotions. When you turn the ferret on free content, get the ferret every time you are about to feed him or play with him.
Do not scold the ferret if he's hiding food. It was his natural need, which you will not be able to wean the animal. Take it the way it is. In the saliva of the ferret contains substances that help food a long time to deteriorate. If this habit disgusts you, don't give your pet large pieces. It is better to give food in the form of meat.
Teach your ferret to a harness. He will gladly walk with you. First, put the harness home and give the animal to walk around in it for a while. It may well be that from him this item not like. If the ferret started to get nervous — don't insist. Give him a treat and remove the harness. The next day repeat the procedure, increasing the time.
Communicate with your ferret as much as possible. These animals love to play. Do not deny them. In addition, they are very curious and will be interested in all your Affairs. Make sure to provide your pet a safe environment.