You will need
  • Plywood for making traps
  • Frames with honeycombs
  • Propolis
  • Attachment
  • Rope
In order to catch a bee swarm, you need to make a few traps for bees. They are made from plywood or any scrap materials. Importantly, the top was protected from the rain. Notches cut size of 10 to 100 mm. the Volume of the trap should be around 60-70 litres, the volume closest to the volume of the hollows in which the bees settle upon departure. The inner wall can be rubbed propolis to further attract the bees.
Once the traps are ready, they need to hang around the woods in places the appearance of bees at the height of 3-5 meters. Traps must be checked each day to have time to transfer the trapped swarm to my apiary, so the bees settled down and didn't remember the place to return SATCOM.
If the bees get used to the place, the hive will need to put under the tree and move the swarm in late autumn, when the bees will spend the winter.