Before you begin to train a ferret, let him calm down from the game, otherwise his attention will be focused on your commands and training methods, and other objects that interest the animal. And training always do both in the same place, away from other Pets that may distract the animal from classes.
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To train a ferret you can using five major methods of training. The essence of a mechanical method of training is that the command you are trying to teach the animal, reinforced by mechanical action. Using this method, you can introduce the ferret with such prohibitions as "fu" and "impossible."
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Kosovaairlines method of training involves the use of any treats as a reward for completing the ferret team. But remember that such a delicious promotion is part of the total food received by the animal during the day. Therefore, the pieces of the Goodies should not be too large. By the way, as a reward use really good smelling food, and not bored ferret food.
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The most common method of training ferrets – contrast. People call it the carrot and the stick. Its principle lies in the fact that the team is supported and refreshments, and the mechanical effects on the animal.
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The basis of the imitative method of training ferrets is the imitation of the behavior of other animals living near trained pet.
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During the training a ferret you can use also a method of nataliana. If you see that animal running toward you, reinforce his actions by the command "come". If the pet is still up to you ran, be sure to treat him with something tasty.
Which teams do you train your ferret should be short and easy to remember, for example, "place", "forward", "no", "eat", etc.
The new team start to train the ferret only when it is in learn the previous one. Do not tighten the training. One lesson should last no more than 5-10 minutes.