You will need
  • The phone connected to the "Beeline", Bank card, charge, computer with Internet access
Employees of the company "Beeline" sure, that is the most convenient way to Deposit – pay cards. Cards in denominations of 100, 150, 250, 500, 1000 and 3000 rubles it is easy to buy (and they are sold practically everywhere) and then activate. You can purchase a card to put in the purse and always carry with you just in case. With the card you can even pay for the Internet and television "Beeline", and also to replenish the account of another subscriber of the mobile operator. Transfer money from card to your account after dialing *103* code # (or call 0503), for the account of another client "Beeline" - *104* ten-digit telephone number, the balance of which you replenish #. (or call 0504). If a subscriber is his cell phone, but he wants to top up the account by using the card, he can call from any phone to number 8-800-700-05-04, move the machine to tone dialing and to act according to the instructions of the autoinformer.
Also, "Beeline" provides the service "Mobile payment with Bank card". You can transfer money from the card "Visa", "Maestro" or "visa" for any phone number – even when roaming. You must first register your card call to the number 0533, in the office "Beeline" through ATMs of partner banks or on the official website of the company. In response, the subscriber receives SMS-message with the password which you will use every time you recharge your phone.
You can top-up your mobile phone and from your computer via the Internet. A similar service is available with most banks in Russia. The client "Beeline" receives a password and a code word to log on to a special web page of the Bank. There you need to select the payment service (on the website of each Bank this section may be named differently), look for the "Beeline" in the list of mobile operators, to enter a phone number and the amount.