Before you stop taking birth control pills, be surveyed at the gynecologist. If the drugs were prescribed for the treatment of endocrine disorders, for example, in dysfunctional uterine bleeding, duration of treatment determined by the physician. The decision on the termination of admission is accepted, depending on the achieved effect. In this case, do not stop medication on your own, since complications can arise, for example, there is a possibility that the bleeding will resume.
In that case, when you take birth control with the purpose of protection from unwanted pregnancy, and now plan to become a mom, finish all the tablets in the packaging until the end. After that will come the monthly. Keep in mind that the restoration of ovulation long after taking contraceptives, it may take several months. Don't worry and be patient. In the case when you need to change contraceptive, but pregnancy in the plans is not included, use condoms or vaginal tablets.
In order to choose the most suitable contraceptive means, consult a gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe you birth control based on your individual circumstances. For women with a permanent partner, suitable for vaginal tablets. If multiple partners, it is safest to use condoms. But if you don't plan to become a mother, use protection pregnancy is mandatory.
If you are using birth control and on the background there were complications, such as sudden bleeding or a sudden rise in blood pressure, immediately stop taking the drug before the end of the package, and immediately contact your gynecologist. The doctor will prescribe you a survey to find out the cause of the complications and determine the tactics of treatment.