You will need
  • browser Google Chrome.
By default, the Google Chrome browser when a new version is updated automatically and the user will be notified in advance. To check which version you are using currently, in the settings menu. On the Explorer toolbar click on the wrench icon, and then in the dropdown window, select "About Google Chrome".
After clicking on this label opens a new window in the upper left corner which will show the version of the browser. If this is the last modification of the browser, a message can be read in the bottom line of the dialog box.
In case of detection of a new version of the browser will immediately notify you about it and offer to upgrade. It needs to be in the "Settings" first select "Update" and then confirm your decision by clicking in the opened window, click "Restart".
The user may not worry about the safety of previously opened tabs and Windows. After re-starting the program, they will open automatically.
In addition, in Google Chrome there is another positive thing. Thanks to him, if necessary, you can temporarily restart the program. To do this, just clicking "Not now".
To know about new versions of the browser in other ways. Just look closely at the icon of a wrench. In the case of next to it a small arrow, click on the icon and select "Refresh".
In rare cases, possible problems with the updated browser. If there is an error with the specified code. To view more information about the reasons for failure can be on a special page of "Troubleshooting" – "help" - Google Chrome, the address