Each user of a personal computer running the Google Chrome browser, can quickly and easily view a list of all installed and used plug-ins. To do this, simply enter a special command in the address bar, which looks like the following: about:plugins, but if it doesn't work, you can use the other chrome://plugins/. After confirmation of the transfer via one of these links will open a special window in which to display all of the used and installed plugins for that browser.

How to disable plugins in Google Chrome?

Disable plug-ins very easily. It is enough in the list to find the one that is needed by the user, and under it click on a special link Off. If again there will be a need, then use the button to Enable it, you can return to the place. It is worth noting one important caveat, which is that using the "More info" links, the user can learn more information about a particular plugin installed on your computer. With this button, you can learn the location of a plugin on the computer and completely remove it from the PC to learn the full name or its characteristics.

Disable all plugins

In some versions of Google Chrome, the user can automatically disable all running plug-ins or delete them. It should be noted that the removal in this case will be true for absolutely all the browsers installed on the computer. To disable or delete all plugins you want to find a shortcut to the Google Chrome browser and click the right mouse button. In the appeared context menu click on "Properties". A new window will open, where in the Object box after the name of the application ("...chrome.exe") is required to enter the command --disable-plugins and click on the confirmation button. During subsequent runs the Google Chrome browser no plugin will no longer be involved.

Also worth mentioning about the critical security updates that may occur when working with plugins. Mostly this only happens with Adobe Flash Player. Like the updates you want to install on their own, if they have a need. When working with the browser may experience a special warning about the installation of such updates. To install them is not necessary but desirable, as it will allow more efficient use of the browser.