How to find the settings panel in Chrome?

Toclear the cache in the browser "Chrome" first and foremost, you need to close all tabs with loaded pages. The next step is the search options panel and Google Chrome management. This panel is opened by clicking the button with three horizontal lines located in the upper right corner. Next you need to select "Tools" and go to "Delete browsing data".
The browser stores information about how to look at pages of all sites that were open in it. It is necessary to increase the speed of "Chrome". But if pages were opened a lot, the memory is overloaded.

An additional window will appear with several items that you need to put ticks or remove them. If you want to clean only the cache should only put a tick there, and delete the rest by clicking each with the mouse.

What settings are associated with the procedure for clearing the cache?

Next you need to pay attention to the tab at the top of the window that prompts you to select the period in which the browser "Chrome", information was collected responding to the cache memory. You can only delete data obtained during the previous hour, day, week, or month, and can be time to clear the whole browser cache selecting operation "For all time".

Now you only click on the button at the bottom of the window that says "Clear history". The whole procedure then takes a fraction of a second and the window will disappear. You can continue to work in the browser as usual.
Clearing the cache will not deprive the user of necessary information, the result will only increase the speed of the browser.

What else will help speed up the browser?

Clearing the cache, I might put in order and other settings, putting additional checkboxes in the preferences window.
For example, a useful function to clear the history of viewed: by doing this, you can destroy a list of sites that were open in the browser ever.

For security purposes, you can remove the passwords that have been entered anywhere in the browser if they are saved (set in settings).

Download history is the list of files that were ever saved using the browser Uploader "Google Chrome". This list can also be removed so as not to overload the browser extra information. The files themselves will not disappear, they will remain on the hard disk of the computer.

In addition, it is useful from time to time to remove cookies that remain in the memory of the computer, some web resources. These files contain information about what language the user prefers to view pages on the Internet that were asked in search of any region typically goes to the Network. In some ways these tracking modules are useful, they do stay on the Internet more convenient, but not always, so the cookies also have to be cleaned.