The installation of the browser "Google Chrome" is no different high complexity and is implemented by any user in a few minutes. For owners of the operating systems of the Windows family enough to go to the official website and download the installation file on the appropriate link. After you have saved on your personal computer, you must run the installation program, which requires a double-click the installation file. If earlier the computer to use any other browser then after installing the "Google Chrome" imports the master page settings, browsing history, it will help to work with this program without any inconvenience. In addition, immediately after the installation of the program "Google Chrome" proposes to define it as the default browser.

How to install Google Chrome on a Mac?

The installation of the browser "Google Chrome" on the Mac operating system also starts with save the installation program file from the official website to the user's computer. After downloading you will need to run the file "Google Chrome.dmg", and then in the dialog box, drag the icon "Chrome" folder with the programs. After that, the program is installed for all users on the computer, it can be used for its intended purpose. In addition, at the final stage of the installation you can move the icon "Chrome" to any folder on your computer (this is important for users with limited rights), whereby the program is installed for a specific user. After completion of installation you can also set the browser as the browser used by default.

How to install Google Chrome on the Linux operating system?

When you install the browser "Google Chrome" for Linux operating system will require the use of the built-in package management system. In the first stage the user will also need to download the installation file for your own system on the local computer, and then click the "OK" button, which opens the package. You will then need to click "Install package", wait for the installation process. Alternatively, at the installation stage not to use the package management system, but simply to add to a local directory, the program "Google Chrome", which will require confirmation of the availability of administrator rights for installation. To change the default browser will need to click the "Edit" button after the program is installed.