Long gone is the time when most users accessed the Internet via preinstalled in Windows Explorer. There was an alternative and functional Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google chrome, Safari and other browsers the Internet. On many modern computers the default Internet Explorer and Google Chrome and other browsers.
So you used to go online by pressing some buttons on the desktop or the taskbar, which program, this button applies, you have no idea. This is not difficult to understand, because options are not so much.
If to access the Internet you click the button with the letter "E" in blue color, which is enveloped by a yellow arc, then your browser is Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer). If the button is a red letter "About" - you use the Opera browser (Opera).
If the icon has a Fox on earth – your browser Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla Firefox or just Mozilla). If the icon is in the form of a ball with a blue-and tri-colour circle red, yellow and green colors – you go online using Google Chrome (Google Chrome). Well, if the icon that looks like a compass, your browser Internet Safari (Safari).