Users who have installed the Google Chrome browser, you can download a special extension to refresh the page. It's called Auto Refresh Plus and will be easier in that case, if you have to monitor the frequent changes on any website.
Once you have downloaded and installed this extension, adjust (click on the icon Auto Refresh Plus, which is located in the top bar of the browser). You can enable auto-refresh the active web page after a certain time period. To do this, select one of several available intervals: 5, 10, 30 seconds or 1, 5, 15 minutes. By the way, there is also a manual time setting mode, and here only you will decide how many seconds or minutes will be updated the open page.
To run the extension, click the Start button. Immediately after this the web page will be updated in the prescribed mode. Please note that this will continue, even if the page is inactive. You will be able to switch, when necessary, on any of the other tabs.
If you have the Opera browser, then turn on automatic updates right click mouse at any place of the page. Next, select the item called "reload every". You will see a list of available intervals. Select the one that suits you best (from five seconds to thirty minutes). Besides, ask the time of the update can manually click on the line "Set interval".
Users of Mozilla FireFox can install a special application TabMixPlus. You can download it on the official website It should be noted that this application supports not only auto-refresh pages, but also allows you to manage and other options. After installation, click the desired tab, right-click, then click on the "Refresh tab every...". After this will only be determined with a suitable time interval.