Refer to another company for re-examination. Make sure she has a license for carrying out expert services. The second study will charge to experts, not interested in any outcome. However, the organization must conduct all of the same steps of the previous examination, which will help eliminate or identify possible errors.
At the end of the study will receive from experts expert opinion and advice upon which you can challenge questionable expertise. The conclusion must be furnished in the prescribed manner, to have legal force in court. By the way, the same action may appoint a judge, if he doubted the veracity of expert opinion. He just needs to convince.
Refer to the independent expert for a review at the conclusion of the initial examination. This service does not mean that the specialist will conduct re-examination. Is this a conclusion about the quality of the initial examination. This will be another way to challenge the examination.
From the review, you will learn all the details of compliance or non-initial examination norms, rules and regulations. Also there will be clarification on the issue of challenging poor quality examination. This write-up can seriously affect a professional opinion on the competence of the expert and can be used in court.
Please submit the application to the judiciary, in detail, describe the reasons of distrust of the results of the initial examination and request a re-examination, if for any reason you do not already have one. To the application apply the results of the re-examination or review of the initial expert research. The court may deny the petition but must motivate its refusal.