Is it possible to withdraw from the dispensary with the diagnosis "personality disorder"

Currently, patients with psychiatric diagnoses on the account do not put. In the Russian Federation is a consultative and medical assistance to the mentally ill absolutely for free. After treatment, patients take under the dynamic dispensary observation. What does it mean?

This means that the patient is recommended to visit a psychiatrist every 3-6 months, and receive recommendations for methods of further treatment. That is, the psychiatrist systematically reviewing the tactics of treatment and prescribes the appropriate drugs to maintain mental health.

Most often, the diagnosis of "personality disorder" I wish to remove patients who are planning to get a driver's licence or a weapon and apply for a position, for example, chauffeur and an armed guard.

If the patient for one or more years does not apply for advice to a mental health facility, his medical records after five years pass for storage in the archive. A certificate from psychoneurological dispensary may require the investigating authorities, the Prosecutor, the court and the personnel Department, if a citizen is arranged in the bodies of the Federal security service, the Ministry of internal Affairs or the Ministry of defence.

Theoretically withdraw from the dispensary dynamic observation is possible in five years. If after one year the psychiatrist completely abolished maintenance therapy, and for five years there was no recurrence of the disease, the patient is considered fully healthy and can get a certificate that will confirm it.

If necessary remove the diagnosis of "personality disorder" earlier, the patient goes to the regional psychiatric clinic. He set a date when you will run the Commission. Several experienced psychiatrists conducted the appropriate testing, ask a number of questions. Then the diagnosis can be removed.

It should be noted, this happens infrequently. And if the patient believes himself completely healthy, the Commission may give quite a different conclusion. Therefore, in practice, to remove the diagnosis of "personality disorder" ahead of time - a task difficult.

What to do?

To obtain the decision of the independent medical expert psychiatric Commission, you need to go to court. If on the basis of re-examination and testing reveals that you are absolutely healthy, a diagnosis of "personality disorder" will be removed and will be given a medical certificate confirming this.