Understand how important it is to learn the tickets of traffic regulations. It's a mental thing: sometimes it happens that the man did not understand, why did he have to know certain information, just can't remember them. Every time when riding in a car or on public transport, pay attention to road signs, especially maneuvering, etc., memorizing and repeating rules even when you don't learn tickets.
Think about what you easier to remember pictures or text. In the first case, you should find a few teaching of the SDA programs in which each ticket is illustrated with diagrams, pictures or even videos. In the second case, it is better to use the paper version, carefully reading the text of each ticket and the correct answer.
Do not try to memorize all the tickets. For the most part the rules of the road are logical, so they need not memorize and try to understand. Mentally visualize yourself described in the ticket situation, think logically, remember a similar situation on the roads, the witness which you were. Of course, some things need to remember, but not too much.
Use online services to learn and to repeat tickets. On many services after the answer to the question is given a detailed explanation, so even if you answer correctly at random, will still be able to study the issue and to understand its essence and to remember why the right was the answer and not the other. Some services are configured for a particular learning mode: if you answer one question correctly 2-3 times in a row, you will no longer ask. Conversely, problem tickets are repeated more often than others.
Communicate with more experienced drivers on specialized forums. They will help you to understand and remember the most difficult tickets, and answer your questions. In addition, on the forums you can find the explanation of many difficult situations faced by other novice drivers, and quickly memorize them. Some online services allow you to ask questions and answer them directly from the page, where is given a ticket. During the training you will be able to see comments that will help you better understand and remember a particular question.