Advice 1: How to learn the rules of the road yourself

An independent study of traffic rules available to everyone, but only makes sense if you for some reason are unable to attend a course of the theory in driving school.
How to learn the rules of the road yourself

How to teach traffic rules

For training you will need a book with rules and book tickets for solutions. You can do just some popular website on the Internet, or the application on the phone.

First you need to learn all traffic signs and plaques provided to them. You can then proceed to read directly the rules and requirements for the movement of different vehicles depending on the type of road, number of lanes, speed and the car itself.

You should know how to behave behind the wheel in a given situation, and how you yourself will lead other members of the movement. After reading all the information and remembering restrictions and permissions, you can safely try to solve the tickets, remembering mistakes and progresiva them again.

After about a week, 4-5 hours a day you will be able to solve any ticket with one or a maximum of two errors. It is permissible in the exam traffic police.

Also you will need to learn the consequences of frequent traffic violations.

Useful in addressing some of the questions will be knowledge of the device and operation of the car and its components, such as brakes and anti-lock braking system (ABS). But more than that in tickets of issues that you just have to remember as a theory. They are unlikely to be useful to you at least once in normal driving, but for a successful exam is needed.

The correct scheme to memorize rules, a phased proveshivanie tickets with theory. As soon as you answer there was an error, mark this ticket on the worksheet and learn the correct answer. 5-10 other tickets again back to the problem and try to answer the questions without error. So your memory is more strained, and the likelihood of remembering for the future are much more.

How to speed up and systematize the study of

Requirements while passing the same locations in the city, outside the city are different. The optimal here will be just individual learning speed limits, crossing railroad tracks, the rules of movement of the bands. Driving on the motorway stands alone but will surely meet in your driving practices in the future.

An study of the finer points of the rules after receiving the rights is also possible. But in this case you need to pull up certain issues that make you think or get nervous on the road, for example, rules for travel governed by the traffic police of the intersections or travel under signs and Parking. Knowledge of theory does not always guarantee the correct drive, every people need enough practice and resolve situations directly in my life. The best would be after reading will immediately go in search of suitable places and reading signs. Better to take a more confident driver who will be able to tell if necessary.

Advice 2 : How to quickly learn the rules of the road

Knowledge of the rules of the road never hurts. Regardless of whether you have a car or you are just going to pass on the right, the knowledge of traffic rules will be useful.
To quickly learn the rules of the road, it will take a little time and patience.
How to quickly learn the rules of the road
You will need
  • - printed edition of Rules of the road;
  • - computer with Internet access.
The rules of the road need to know everything. You drive a car or are a pedestrian - this knowledge will come in handy every day. Who lit the light, can I move in this place the road, if You miss the driver, you will not be fined if a parked car were some of the issues of the many those who are using the rules of the road are solved every day.

Without knowledge of traffic rules impossible to get a driver's license of any category. Therefore, it is better to start learning in advance.
To quickly learn the rules of the road, there are several ways. In order to understand which one is best suited for you, think about what information you perceive is better: printed or shaped.

If you find it easier to remember what they read, get a collection of Rules of the road (make sure that it was the latest edition with the actual edits and comments). Begin to learn the rules, carefully read the sections and, if necessary, outlining particularly important points. Pay special attention to Chapter "Traffic signs".
If you have more developed creative thinking, it may be easier to learn traffic rules with the help of special programs. Enter in a search engine "traffic online", select the link to the official website of STI ( and start learning the rules of the road in the examples. The program for the exam in the SDA consists of cards, each of which contains a description of the traffic situation and several response options for the right action. When a wrong answer, the system detects your mistake and gives the detailed solution of the example with excerpts from the SDA.

It is considered that this option is more effective, as it allows in addition to study to prepare for the delivery of theory in the SAI (the exam uses the same software).

The more you pass the online testing, the quicker and better remember the rules of the road.
In the wrong answers, carefully read the review of the system - this will help to avoid mistakes in the future.
Useful advice
Often pass the online test on the website - this will help you quickly learn the rules and prepare for the delivery of theory.

Advice 3 : As faster to learn traffic rules

Rules of the road (SDA) is a set of rules governing the duties of drivers of vehicles and pedestrians, as well as technical requirements that apply to vehicles to ensure road safety. Therefore, the road users are very important to know the traffic rules.
As faster to learn traffic rules
To quickly learn the traffic rules, always have them on hand. Please not only printed edition of the rules, but also provide yourself with Internet access. The memory of each person works differently: someone who better remembers the text and someone developed visual thinking. Determine what memory works best you.
If it's easier to memorize a text, learn the traffic rules the brochure, and the owners of creative thinking will be easier to remember the rules with pictures and examples. But the most effective way of remembering the SDA is a combination of printed and graphic information.
On the Internet there are a large number of sites and programs that are especially designed to help prospective drivers. Visit the official website of the traffic police, the information there is accurate.
Use the program that issues the traffic situation and the options for its solution. In the case of an incorrect answer you will be given the correct answer and an excerpt from the SDA, cusumaza this issue. This method is quite effective, it not only allows you to remember the rules, but also to prepare for the exam in the SAI, which uses a similar program.
Learn traffic rules gradually, do not try to memorize a large amount of information. Constantly repeat the rules in memory. The best time for memorizing the material is from 7.00 to 12.00.
Study material, split it into 4 stages:- review and review the material;- identify the main ideas and their relationships;- repeatedly repeat the most important facts;- make a plan to response and retry information in accordance with this plan.
To teach SDA start with the most difficult moments and the simple ones later.
Learned information, tell the other person – parents, friends, and acquaintances.
Useful advice
Every 40 minutes the process of memorizing rules, let yourself relax for 10 minutes.
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