Advice 1: How to learn the rules of the road yourself

An independent study of traffic rules available to everyone, but only makes sense if you for some reason are unable to attend a course of the theory in driving school.
How to learn the rules of the road yourself

How to teach traffic rules

For training you will need a book with rules and book tickets for solutions. You can do just some popular website on the Internet, or the application on the phone.

First you need to learn all traffic signs and plaques provided to them. You can then proceed to read directly the rules and requirements for the movement of different vehicles depending on the type of road, number of lanes, speed and the car itself.

You should know how to behave behind the wheel in a given situation, and how you yourself will lead other members of the movement. After reading all the information and remembering restrictions and permissions, you can safely try to solve the tickets, remembering mistakes and progresiva them again.

After about a week, 4-5 hours a day you will be able to solve any ticket with one or a maximum of two errors. It is permissible in the exam traffic police.

Also you will need to learn the consequences of frequent traffic violations.

Useful in addressing some of the questions will be knowledge of the device and operation of the car and its components, such as brakes and anti-lock braking system (ABS). But more than that in tickets of issues that you just have to remember as a theory. They are unlikely to be useful to you at least once in normal driving, but for a successful exam is needed.

The correct scheme to memorize rules, a phased proveshivanie tickets with theory. As soon as you answer there was an error, mark this ticket on the worksheet and learn the correct answer. 5-10 other tickets again back to the problem and try to answer the questions without error. So your memory is more strained, and the likelihood of remembering for the future are much more.

How to speed up and systematize the study of

Requirements while passing the same locations in the city, outside the city are different. The optimal here will be just individual learning speed limits, crossing railroad tracks, the rules of movement of the bands. Driving on the motorway stands alone but will surely meet in your driving practices in the future.

An study of the finer points of the rules after receiving the rights is also possible. But in this case you need to pull up certain issues that make you think or get nervous on the road, for example, rules for travel governed by the traffic police of the intersections or travel under signs and Parking. Knowledge of theory does not always guarantee the correct drive, every people need enough practice and resolve situations directly in my life. The best would be after reading will immediately go in search of suitable places and reading signs. Better to take a more confident driver who will be able to tell if necessary.

Advice 2: How to learn probability theory

The theory of probability is one of the most important areas of mathematics that studies the regularity of random phenomena: random variables, random events, their properties and operations that can make. To master this difficult science, you will have to put a lot of effort.
How to learn probability theory
You will need
  • - list of questions for the exam;
  • tutorials Wentzel E. S. or B. E. Gmurman.
If you during the semester passed the words of the teacher by the ears, begin the study of the theory of probability with the absorption of essential definitions. Remember that this random variable, what are examples of random variables (dropped points on the tiles), what classes they share. Remember, what are the events, and that such a probability space. If a student floats in the ticket, most likely, the teacher will begin to ask the basic things, so knowing the definitions of these terms will be useful.
One of the most frequent moves of the teacher – to check knowledge of basic formulas. Write down on a separate sheet of important formulas, mark, which means you do not understand every symbol, and several times a day zadubrovie them. You now have the basis for the exam and for further study of the theory of probability.
Take a sheet with a list of questions for the exam and read it. Mark those questions which you know, then those tasks for which you will be able to give incomplete and vague answer, and proceed to the study of the third category of questions, the answers to which are unknown to you. After you cope with this task, read again the material on the points, knowing which you are very confident.
If you know that the ticket will be given a task, take a few days for the solution of typical examples of the theory of probability. Most likely the above teacher will appreciate the student who correctly coped with the practical task, though, and couldn't give a clear answer to a theoretical question than one who understands the theory with no practical skills. Write down some examples of solutions of problems on a separate sheet of paper and regularly re-read it.
If you study the theory of probability on their own and for their own pleasure, the most important thing for you is to find a good tutorial, written in plain language. Please note on the books authorship E. S. Wentzel, B. E. Gmurman.

Advice 3: How to force yourself to learn the tickets

Exam preparation can be simple and even quite interesting, if properly motivate yourself to plan activities. Moreover, it is equally important to tune in a positive way, which is so lacking in those who look at a mountain of textbooks, anticipating the most boring hours in my life.
How to force yourself to learn the tickets
First and foremost, you need to motivate yourself to find the purpose for which you are willing to dedicate several hours of study tickets. The perfect motive for learning is the desire to gain new knowledge. This motif occurs only if the subject interest you. The interest arises to what is familiar, what we want to understand what will apply in practice. Often, the interest is missing for that object, which is not clear, in this case, it is necessary to begin not with the tickets, and from the very beginning, to understand the basic concepts, possibly with the appearance of the first understanding, will arise the desire to learn something else.
Tickets are best taught not in a row, and from those topics that you are interested in. Try to read not only the textbook where the material can be set out too dry, but the scientific and popular literature on the subject or the memories of people who have dedicated themselves to the relevant science, it will open for you new sides of the material being studied.
Try to apply to themselves the motives of punishment and encouragement. Imagine how you expel from the Institute, just due to the fact that you are too lazy to spend a few hours a day to study. Promise yourself that for every class ticket, you will somehow reward yourself.
Be sure to make a detailed plan for the exam preparation. This is a very effective technique. First, the deletion of completed plan items is very nice from a psychological point of view, the moment it can be a great motive for study. Second, rozplanowany a task into many small subtasks, each of which does not seem difficult, but when you look at the whole scope of the work as a whole, you can give up.
Psychologists have found that people more readily does the work, the closer the date of its completion, that is when you see that your task is to explore just one ticket in one hour, you will be easy to do it right now. But when you look immediately on the 30 tickets that you want to learn in two weeks, for completion of the case will seem so large that you want to delay the start of work.
For some people a good motivation will be the excitement, you can compete with yourself, for example, if you can learn the tickets more than I learned yesterday. It will be good if you can find a companion who will be ready to compete with you.
Usually the preparation for the exams - a process that takes place in solitude, but some are easier to learn in a group, and someone easily remembers information when recounting it to others. If this is your case, try to find a group to prepare for the exam.

Advice 4: How to learn the exam on traffic rules

To learn the exam rules of the road - a simple task if approached correctly. Without knowing the answers you do not solve the theoretical part of the exam, the traffic police and to write them will fail.
How to learn the exam on traffic rules
There are only 40 tickets and 800 questions, knowing the answers or the rules by heart, you will be able to solve them. On the exam you are allowed to admit only 2 errors, so the subject need to know. Can not be written off due to the fact that solving of the task will have on the computer. Moreover, in the presence of the inspector of traffic police your courage evaporate.

How to learn the tickets SDA

It is better to approach this issue from the other side. To learn all the tickets really well for one week, with a day for 4-5 hours. To start is to read the rules of the road and, already acquainted with the basic terms, signs and part of the requirements for the traffic on the road, you can start ticketing solution.

Ideally this will suit any well-known website with tickets online which gives comments to the questions. The correct order in preparation for delivery would be proveshivanie all tickets in order to remember wrong answers. Those tickets, which you have made more than 2 mistakes, mark one digit, 1 error – another figure. If you decide without errors, put this ticket number the digit 0. So after the decision of the 40 tickets you will have a great stats and is a little lean knowledge.

Now it's time to refresh the rules in memory, especially those topics that had the most errors. After that you remains nothing how again to try to solve all the tickets, which had at least 1 error. So you will be able to compare improved your knowledge on the first attempt.

As a rule, to people just 2-3 repetitions of these actions, to memorize the correct answers and a good idea to understand the rules. Significantly improving their performance, can try to solve tasks in which the questions will be mixed, i.e., from 40 different tickets combined at random into one.

What to know traffic rules

Correctly deciding 10-15 tickets, you won't have to worry and not to learn, you will be able to solve the ticket on the inside, and then the traffic police exam. Here, as in any other discipline or job it is important to learn the theory to later good to use it on the road during a training ride and after getting my license behind the wheel of his car.

To learn traffic rules is very important as the most basic you'll remember forever. Usually this is enough to travel all life without an accident. Anyway knowing the answers to questions that arise during the ride, calms and gives confidence in their own actions.

Advice 5: How easy it is to learn the tickets for delivery of the right

In order to get the rights you need, in addition to driving, pass the theoretical exam, which for most students of driving schools seems to be the most difficult. To pass the exam in the SAI is required to learn 40 tickets, each of which consists of 20 questions. Permitted to allow only two errors on the ticket, if you did more retake. Undoubtedly, to learn 800 questions in a short time is difficult, but it is possible — you just try.

How easy it is to learn the tickets for delivery of the right

How to quickly and effectively learn the traffic rules: practical tips

The rules of the road printed in a small book to read which can be just a few hours. However, you also need to remember what is written in it.

To study the SDA is better in sections. For example, the category of "roundabouts". After reading you should try to mentally repeat what you have read. The fact is that having learned this subject, it is possible to respond immediately to 120 questions out of 800.

You can now go directly to the actual exam papers. A booklet with questions you can buy in any driving school. When buying you should pay special attention to the year of issue. The fact that traffic rules are regularly amended, and last year's issues can be irrelevant.

In the study of examination tickets SDA is best to combine printed materials and computer programs. Test your knowledge only on the computer, you should not. As a rule, on different sites, this image in different colors. If all the time to train on very bright pictures, then in the exam in the traffic police can be difficult. You should select the website where the images will be very close in color to the book.

To prepare for the exam it is better to use a program that immediately gives an excerpt from the SDA at the wrong answer. If you pass the test constantly, in some situations, visual memory can help. It happens that when you encounter familiar images, one immediately remembers the right answer.The best way to study questions gradually, intermittently, and constantly repeat what you have read.

To study the SDA is better in sections. One section covers several dozen questions. The study of traffic you need to start with the most difficult moments, for example, with the topic "traffic Signals and traffic controller". What is easier, it is better to learn in the last turn.

In the process of preparing it is necessary to use three types of memory – auditory, visual and motor. This means that you need to read aloud, view the corresponding pictures and write the correct answers.

While walking or riding a transport you should mentally try to explain the actions of motorists, correlating them with SDA.

To check the exam fees need to thoughtfully based on logic and not try to just memorize them. This will help not only to memorize the rules of the road, but also successfully apply them in practice.

Dangerous delusion

For many students, driving schools, obtaining rights becomes a mere formality. Someone he can drive a car since childhood, sits behind the wheel, and someone just decided to "buy" the right and learn all the tricks of driving on the highway, side by side with other road users. For such people, the theoretical part of the lessons seems to be something totally unnecessary. You can often hear the opinion that the only important the training course, and the theory can be learned in the course of driving. This attitude is a tragedy.

Traffic just need to know each driver. This knowledge will help you not only successfully pass the theoretical part of the exam in the traffic police, but also to prevent many accidents, which often occur due to the ignorance of the drivers of the basic rules.
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