Exam in the traffic police includes the following stages: the theory exam, driving on the racetrack and in urban environments. Require thorough training to all its parts, otherwise you can get on the retake.
The first stage is submitting the theoretical part. Checked knowledge of traffic regulations, laws relating to driving rules and safe driving. In addition, the student must be aware of possible liability (both criminal and administrative) in the event of a violation. The future driver must know the list of typical and most frequent causes of accidents and possess the ability to provide first aid to the victims in the accident.
Not to fill up the exam on the theory, enough to learn all the tickets and to correctly answer the questions of computer test. The program, which will control your knowledge, you can downloaded online to learn how to use it. Training in a driving school involves a trial exam is a good way to test their own strength.
Upon delivery of the e-examination is allowed only one mistake. The error can be considered even extra click on the monitor screen. So remember: to start the assignment, you must click the "Start exam" to proceed to the next question "to Move on to the next question." The wrong mouse button is pressed display the next question, the previous is automatically considered to be unanswered.
The second stage of the circuit. In advance learn and work through the exercises, which will have to pass. In order to pass them easier, choose the same brand and model of the car, as when training in a driving school.
If you have successfully passed the first two stages, the examination in driving in a city will not find it difficult. The main thing – not to worry. Choose comfortable shoes and clothes, once again rules of the road. Take care of your own comfort – adjust the seat as comfortable as you can and don't forget to fasten the seat belt.