There are three ways of remembering is a rational, mechanical and mnemotechnique. One of the most effective ways considered to be reasonable. It is based on logic. Ie, you first need to understand what was going on, to explain logically, and then easily remember what you need. Mechanical method – it is nothing like cramming. It can be applied in the case if you can't logically explain what is required. When the mnemotechnical way the memory you need to create an image of what you need to remember. But whichever way you use, there are certain rules that help you quickly learn everything you need.
Start learning the material from the complex. What in your opinion will be easy to learn later.
Divide the text into small pieces to make it easier to remember. It is known that learning information a little better than trying to immediately "swallow" a large chunk.
For better absorption of the material divide the process into four stages. First, just browse the desired text. Then highlight the main idea. Several times repeat the most important thing. Make a plan to memorize material and repeat all in accordance with it.
It is best to do study in the morning from 7 to 12 hours. It was during this period of time it is best to remember and assimilate complex material.
Alternate learning process with relaxation – learn the rules for 40 minutes, and 10 minutes of rest.
Try to remember the rules in the order in which they are given in the source, and random.
When memorizing information, try to involve auditory, visual and motor memory. So, read aloud, review the pictures and write the text. Can also paint the associative array. Very efficient and listen to information in audio recordings.