The first thing you need to do is to realize that the relationship ended. This is the most difficult step of all, what have you. Yes, yesterday you were together and everything was perfect. And today is irreversibly changed. And the only thing you can do is to accept them. Do not rely on a miracle in our world is not so much. Just think about what a certain phase of your life is over. Phase, not the whole life. And you need to continue to live and enjoy it.
Don't call or text your ex man. It will bring only misery and suffering. Even if you talk a few moments on insignificant topics, it will not bring you relief or relief. Delete all his contacts, not search for meetings with it, because they will only bring disappointment.
Get eye anything that can remind you about it. Hide pictures, gifts he gave you. Even the dress in which you were on the very first date with him. The less lights that will remind you about it, the faster you will experience loss.
Pamper yourself. This will help you to get over a breakup as quickly as possible. Take what you like, start to implement their own plans. Probably because of the relationship you deny yourself something. Perhaps, your man asked you not to chat with friends, not to wear short skirts or prohibit Hiking. But now time restrictions have passed. And you can once again live a full life.
Daily enjoy for you. New shoes or liked a skirt, a delicious cake or going to the movies with friends. Enjoy life, it is necessary for you. Do not force your body. If you don't want to wash the floors, then set it boring. Instead, do what you want. Visit the beauty salon, make yourself a new hair style, relax with a massage. Love yourself, not the person who is gone from your life. After all, you deserve more of those warm feelings.