First you need to accept the fact that this man more no future, and in order to continue to live, you need to let him go. Perhaps, awareness of this situation is the most complicated in the whole process, as often people just don't believe this is happening, hope and don't want to let go, and this can take years. If yourself can't take care close, be sure to consult a competent therapist.
There is a method returning the positive energy of love and affection which you have given to your once other half. The essence of the work, in multiple imaging. Imagine how energy in the form of a Golden ray of sun or hearts flow is returned from him to you.

The fact that on a psychological level, you've invested so much in your partner, and when he left, you were left with nothing. This is the attachment. Destroy the psychological dependence, returning to himself. After some time you will feel better and you'll feel fullness.
Occupy yourself with. The first time you have to force yourself, classes will be held in an unconscious automatic mode, and your mind is the image of the departing human. But keep doing, even if everything goes wrong – do not be discouraged, do it.
When, through practice, the return of your energy, the life force in you increase, start to love yourself. Take care of your appearance, education, Hobbies. Sad thoughts about the deceased person cease you to visit, although will acquire a lighter color. Subliminate in the works, paying tribute to beautiful in your relationship. That you also release the person.
Reduce the number of possible situations and people who remind you of a former lover. Delete him from all social networks and temporarily do not meet with mutual friends. Not interested in this man's life and focus on yourself – it's your most important job.
Over time, you will return to the previous openness and, although the wound is fresh, your way may be a new man. Accept it, because no partings meetings. Don't close yourself to new people, maybe they were given to you for something important. As a rule, a survivor of a bad breakup, becomes wiser and stronger, and that means a chance to build a proper and lasting relationship with a new person are much higher.