Talk with your loved one. The separation is the best option, if your love died or there's a love triangle. Stop illusions – way back, probably not. Respect yourself and a loved one – let it go.
Take a break from thinking about the loved one and parting. The memory has such a feature – the harder you try to forget something, the stronger it takes root in your head. Therefore, make sure nothing around you is not reminded about who had to leave.
Find an interesting class. Due to the breakup, you have a lot of free time which you used to spend on a loved one. Use it with the benefit: sports, study, work, Hobbies, child care, reading, walking and other helpful activities will help to distract and to fill the resulting void.
Allow yourself to rejoice. Not to live in mourning just because you threw. Give yourself some time to grieve and then take the feelings under control. Pamper yourself – take a trip, which had long dreamed of, buy beautiful furniture, update your wardrobe, change the image. Keep an active lifestyle – walk to museums, theaters and cafes. Feeling the attention of the opposite sex, are you gonna stand up again and gain confidence.
Stop all new friends to compare with someone you're trying to forget. Especially to find a man who will remind you of an old flame. All people are individuals and have their positive side. Wasting time searching for double you can lose their happiness.