You can forget a loved one in three easy steps: loosen, change and fall in love again. So, the first step is that you need to "let go" of his love. For this list to myself or write down on paper all of his negative traits and qualities. Ideal people does not actually exist, therefore, most likely, will be short or long list, the reading of which will discourage thinking about this person. Some prefer to remember and record all the good things previously United people together. In the future, this piece of paper can be burned. During its combustion there will be the feeling, all the memories of the person fade from memory.
Proceed to the second step. To forget a loved one, letting go of memories of the past changed and started to live a new life. For example, some people change their appearance for the better with the new haircut, fashionable clothes, etc., and the other still figure, enrolling in the gym or taking up any other sport. All this will give confidence in themselves and their abilities, and pity, sadness and longing for the old days not to bother.
Addition to the second step and effective remedy for unrequited love – new thrills that will significantly improve the life and fill it with special meaning. You can get them through new and challenging Hobbies such as driving a car or motorcycle, extreme sports and recreation and others. We should also try to go on a long journey to the undiscovered country or city. Some people say that to forget the person you love, will help thoughtful work or study. You just need daily to perform their duties, to accomplish things and achieve their goals. Responsible work is a good distraction from negative thoughts and often gives nice results, for example, the increase in position or salary.
The third and final step that allows you to remember a loved one is looking for a new love. If people do not like, perhaps we should try to link their fate with someone else who is more suited for this role. For this you need to communicate more with others, and eventually a new love will replace the old, and with it a new and loyal friends. Worst of all is to keep emotions and thoughts in ourselves and retreating from others. Of course, gradually negative thoughts about unfulfilled expectations will cause you to worry less, but better not to waste time on it and try to solve all the problems in the shortest possible time.