You will need
  • - CCleaner;
  • - Game Fire.
Start with setting up the hard disk. After starting the operating system, open "My computer". Open the properties section of the hard drive on which Windows is installed. To do this, click on the icon of the desired disk and select the appropriate option.
At the bottom of the submenu "General" find the item "Allow to index the contents of files". Disable this option to remove the check mark from the specified field. Click "Apply". In the window that appears, select "For nested files and subdirectories".
Follow the procedure for the local disk where you install the game. This will improve the speed of information processing.
Delete unnecessary files from the hard drive and correct registry branches. Independently perform this procedure is not recommended because it can lead to malfunction of the OS. Install the program CCleaner, running the download from the official website.
Start the specified application. Select the submenu "Register". Click "Search problems". After getting a list of incorrect keys click Fix. Cancel the backup.
Go to the submenu "Cleaning" and repeat the procedure for the analysis and removal of unnecessary files. Close the program.
Download the app Game Fire. This is a free program that allows you to quickly reconfigure some of the settings of the operating system. Install and start Game Fire.
Open the System Status tab, and then click Turn on Gaming mode. Wait until the program will perform the necessary operations. When you enable the application, use the option "Run as administrator".
If you are using a mobile computer, keep in mind some important nuances. Remove the battery pack. Most of the programs that control the energy consumption, slow the processor and graphics card.
Open the settings for the active power plan. Make sure that all devices are disabled the power saving mode. Set the maximum CPU performance.