You will need
  • The Core Programme Centre.
Not always to optimize the operation of the Central processor it is necessary to disperse. Sometimes it is wiser to reduce the CPU performance. This is especially true when dealing with mobile computers. Modern laptops have a fairly large capacity, that is not always beneficial. After all, the more powerful the device, the more energy it consumes. Open control panel and select "System and security".
Click "power options" and navigate to the settings of the current power plan of your computer. Click "Change advanced settings" and find "power Management processor". In the column "Minimum state of the processor" specify a value of 20% and 50% when running on battery and mains socket respectively. Expand "Maximum state of the processor". Set the value of 50% and 100%. Thus, when running on battery, the CPU will consume much less energy.
If you need to expedite the work of the processor, then click BIOS and select Advanced Chipset Setup. Find the box CPU Frequency and increase the rate of bus frequency is 20-30 Hz. Be sure to raise the voltage supplied to the processor. Change the value in the column CPU Voltage.
Save the parameters to the Central processing device and restart the computer. Install the Core Centre and run the test stability of the CPU. If the program does not identify errors in the processor, repeat the procedure to increase its performance. To return the original parameters of the computer activate the checkbox Use Default Settings in BIOS menu. If your computer is no longer activated, it will reset mechanically.