Assembling a gaming computer separately (buying the parts and assembling it), you must first to view product prices in various stores. After approximate cost is clear, you can start to collect computer components.

Processor and graphics card

First and foremost, you need to understand that good results can be achieved only in the case if you choose a good processor and graphics card. Today developers focus on these components. A good processor can perform many complex processes (including games), and video card and its memory will endure graphics in the game.

To pick up good components, it is necessary to allocate not less than fifty percent of the total amount that you think to spend it on the graphics card with the processor. It is worth noting one important caveat - no need to buy the fancy model of the processor and graphics card. Together they must create optimal conditions to work with games, not have the coolest.

Best for gaming PC suitable Intel Core i3 with 3.1, 3.30 or 3.4 GHz, but if you want to buy a processor from AMD, it is better to opt for a series PHENOM II X4 965 AM3. You can also buy a Intel Core i5 processor (with a clock frequency of at least 3 GHz per core), as they are ideal for graphics cards AMD Radeon.

As for the video card, that is fine, SAPPHIRE RADEON HD 7850 2 Gb and other more sophisticated models, e.g. AMD Radeon HD 7870 2Gb. Of course, we should not forget about the company's GeForce, which, for the most part, adapts your graphics card under game. For example, you can buy the MSI GeForce GTX 660 N 660 TF 2GD5/OC, which show excellent results. As an alternative, you can consider a Nvidia GeForce 760 2 Gb.

It is worth noting that today not worth buying a graphics card with a storage capacity of 2 GB, as modern games are very demanding it is to this parameter. In addition, graphics cards and processors users may disperse, thereby getting more performance.

The other components

Don't forget about the motherboard. It should be selected based on which processor you bought. This is necessary to ensure that the input of the processor was interfaced with the motherboard. In this case, you need to know how many gigabytes of RAM you can install on the motherboard. The perfect way out of this situation would be buying a motherboard that supported 8 GB of RAM (expandable volume).

RAM plays a significant role in creating a gaming computer. In the event that she will be missed, you will not be able to get comfort from the game and everything will slow down. For the current generation of games, you need to install at least 8 GB of RAM, and if necessary it can be increased (if you do it allows the motherboard).

You can then move on to choosing a hard drive for a gaming computer. Today there are two types of connectors hard drive - IDE and SATA. With regard to the optimal volume for a gaming computer, but now it is enough for the 1 TB. If desired, of course, the user may purchase a removable hard drive larger.

Do not forget about the manipulators. Keyboard and mouse - the key to success in games. Especially popular today enjoy the device, manufactured by Razer. This is the company that manufactures input devices for gamers. If you are burdened with material resources, the ideal mouse Razer DeathAdder, which has 5 additional buttons.

As for the keyboard, it is safe to buy Razer Death Stalker Ultimate. It has very comfortable keys and a special LCD panel with which the user can obtain additional game information, or, you can use this panel instead of the mouse. These manipulators did not hit hard on price and at the same time show quite decent quality.