Before buying items, determine what exactly you want to pump. The possibility of using the computeras a server, load it with software, or you need a gaming platform. It is possible that you will need both.
The choice of CPU and motherboard must occur simultaneously. You can choose the processor under the charge or Vice versa. The choice of processor depends on almost everything. He is responsible for the performance, speed and so on. The modern market is multi-core processors. However, the principle the more cores, the better is not entirely fair. Multi-core processors can cause a lot of problems associated with hardware errors. Judging by the frequency, here justifiably choose the processor with the highest frequency. It should be not less than three gigahertz.
The motherboard needs to be multifunctional. The version of the BIOS should be modern. The more extensions supported the fee, the better. Each bridge should have its radiator, but it is not mandatory. The motherboard must support connectors modern video card and RAM bars.
The most important element for flushing the computerand is the power supply. It depends on the nutrition of all parts of your system unit. Therefore, the larger the capacity value, the better.
The choice of graphics card for each user individually. The main parameters of the selection Board that bus frequency and memory size. The amount of memory should be 1024 MB. Modern video games requires a lot of requirements. The RAM should be at least 3-4 GB.
When pumping computerand in addition to iron please note the software. Install the latest version of the operating system. Have a set of tools to optimize and Defrag hard drives and the system as a whole.