Advice 1: How to reduce system requirements in games

Many PC users are faced with the "freezing" of the computer. If the PC is already obsolete, you have to accept the idea that in innovation, you can not play. If your computer meets the minimum requirements of the game, performing some action, you will be able to enjoy the chosen product. To reduce system requirements in games is impossible. Rather, it is real, if you are a programmer, almost ready to rewrite the game. Of course, for most users this does not apply.
How to reduce system requirements in games
You will need
  • Computer, Phillips screwdriver, Internet access, graphics driver.
To accelerate the computer, you first need to check your computer for viruses. You can use not only an antivirus installed on your computer, but also a free GPS utility such as Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool or Dr. Web CureIt. Perhaps the problem of slow computer is the virus.
Before starting the game you need to close all programs and applications.
Go to start-All programs-startup and see if there are any unnecessary programs. If any programs you do not need when the computer starts, you want to delete them from there.
Go to start-Run and in the opened window type msconfig. When this opens another window to pick up the tab "startup" and uncheck programs that are not needed when computer starts.
To restart the computer.
To reinstall the driver for your video card.
To enter the game, select Settings. Put on low graphics, to remove the additional options, such as antialiasing. To deliver the minimum resolution.
To open the system cover and carefully remove the dust from the parts of the computer.
Check to see if busy C. If disk free space is not enough, delete unnecessary files and folders or move them to another disk.
If the previous tips do not help, add computer RAM and change the graphics card. This is the most inexpensive upgrade computer that will help hasten his work.
Useful advice
Do not use programs that promise to change the computer records, they are invalid. If you want to overclock your computer to maximum performance, remember that it reduces the life of the parts. To reduce system requirements in games is a means to optimize the operation of your computer and change the graphics options in the game itself.

Advice 2: How to view the system requirements of the computer

Each program, whether it's graphic or sound editor, the player or the game, makes PC specific system requirements: the presence of a certain memory, a certain processor capacity, generation motherboard, screen resolution, etc. to Watch the compliance of system requirementsm program menu computer Properties.
System properties displayed in the computer properties
Open the folder "desktop" in the program "Explorer". To do this, open any folder (better than "Computer" or "My computer"), then use the arrows to climb to the desired number of levels above.
Look on the desktop icon computer. Click the right mouse button and in context menu select "Properties".
Depending on the operating system type properties can be shown in a single window or multiple tabs. Data on system performance, CPU, memory) are shown in the tab "System" or in the same paragraph properties. Compare the system parameters with the system requirementsmi established program.

Advice 3: How to remove system files

Despite the fact that operating system vendors do not recommend to remove the filesused in the system, sometimes the need to do this still occurs.
How to remove system files
If you need to delete the system filesthat remained from the old, unnecessary installations of the operating system, then it can be done so:Open Windows Explorer with CTRL + E or double-click the icon "My computer".
Find the folder with old system files that you want to remove, and rename it (press F2), for example, in "Windows.del".Click the icon of the drive on which this folder resides, right-click and select "Properties". In the properties window of the disk, click "disk Cleanup". The conductor will collect data about the files on this disk and show a new dialog window where you need on the Advanced tab click the button "Clear", which is in the section "Windows Components".
Deleting old system files
If you want delete system files of the current operating system, the sequence should be:Open Windows Explorer with CTRL + E or double-click the icon "My computer".Locate the system file that you want to delete and then right-click and select "Properties". In the opened window go to the Security tab and click Advanced.In the window "advanced security settings" click the tab "Owner" and in the list "change owner to" select the line with your username.Click in all open Windows, click "OK" and then delete this system file.If after changing the file owner in the process of its removal, the system will display a message about the impossibility to perform this operation, it is likely that this file is currently being used in the operating system. To force close it, open task Manager by pressing ALT + CTRL + Delete, Processes tab, locate, click, and then click "End process". If it's the way to close the program fails, then delete the file you have by rebooting the computer in safe mode.
How to remove system <strong>files</strong>
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