You will need
  • Computer, Phillips screwdriver, Internet access, graphics driver.
To accelerate the computer, you first need to check your computer for viruses. You can use not only an antivirus installed on your computer, but also a free GPS utility such as Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool or Dr. Web CureIt. Perhaps the problem of slow computer is the virus.
Before starting the game you need to close all programs and applications.
Go to start-All programs-startup and see if there are any unnecessary programs. If any programs you do not need when the computer starts, you want to delete them from there.
Go to start-Run and in the opened window type msconfig. When this opens another window to pick up the tab "startup" and uncheck programs that are not needed when computer starts.
To restart the computer.
To reinstall the driver for your video card.
To enter the game, select Settings. Put on low graphics, to remove the additional options, such as antialiasing. To deliver the minimum resolution.
To open the system cover and carefully remove the dust from the parts of the computer.
Check to see if busy C. If disk free space is not enough, delete unnecessary files and folders or move them to another disk.
If the previous tips do not help, add computer RAM and change the graphics card. This is the most inexpensive upgrade computer that will help hasten his work.