Disable the service "MTS TV". It is provided by the mobile operator "MTS" for all subscribers with certain phone models. The connection is simple to set phone number *999# and press "call" button. In this regard, many people can accidentally made a mistake in the service room, to install the service.
To disconnect from a mobile TV, you need to dial on your phone number *999*0*1# and click "call". After a while you will receive SMS-message with information about the successful trip. If this method does not work, call the contact center MTS-0890 and ask the operator to disconnect you from this service.
Use one of several ways to disconnect from the mobile TV services from the company MegaFon, which is called "Video portal". For this you need to remember or check with your operator what kind of television package has been connected to your phone and what number it corresponds to. For example, the "Basic package" is number "1". In this case, send on 5060 SMS message with the text stop 1. You can also use the USSD commands.
To deactivate mobile TV need to dial a phone number *506*0*1# and click "call". Instead of the number "1" indicate the corresponding number of your package. After a while you will receive a system message about shutdown services. If this method does not work, try to contact the operator or contact the nearest office of MegaFon.
Read the terms of service "Mobile TV" from the operator "Beeline". This service is currently in beta and only available to people who purchased a special card and phone. Thus, if you participate in testing, exit it, only contacting the nearest office of the company "Beeline".
Will stop paying for the service "Mobile TV", if you use the services of specialized companies. Connecting a television is through downloading to your phone the appropriate viewer application and payment of a fee for providing video content. In this case, can call the firm and to refuse its services or simply do not send monthly payments.