You will need
  • balloons;
  • - paint, markers, pencils;
  • - Whatman paper;
  • glue;
  • - Scotch;
  • confetti;
  • - the serpentine.
Outside at the front door hang a festive poster or poem for the birthday boy. Let all the neighbors know what important event happened in your family this day.
In the hallway attach to the wall a large sheet of drawing paper next to fit (can be hung on the ropes or put on the table) markers, pencils, pens. Let every guest leave their wishes and drawing for the birthday child.
Try to decorate the apartment thematically. Select a theme depending on age, gender and preferences of the kid: a pirate ship or a fairy castle, a jungle or the bottom of the sea, fantastic planet or a cartoon city. You can know the opinion of the child. If you want to surprise – be creative themselves.
For example, hang it in a prominent place pirate flag or ribbon, decorated with paper flowers. Using masking tape on walls and furniture, attach the painted and carved figures of exotic animals, fantastic creatures, deep sea creatures or cartoon characters. From streamers to make vines.
Buy for the festive table appropriate to the theme of cloth. Now on sale you can find a variety: of animals, pirates, and fish.
Inflate a lot of colorful balloons, each with markers, draw something related to the selected themes: flowers, seashells, stars, faces of animals, etc Get everything available in the house soft toys and dolls, let's put them in different places and each "hand" on the ball (secure with tape).
Organize the area in which place the early baby pictures of the child next to put his first vest, a cap, a rattle, a pacifier, etc.
The largest balloon filled with post-it notes with little poems or riddles, streamers and confetti. Hang him from the ceiling in the center of the room. In the midst of the holiday carefully pierce the ball and together with the kids rejoice "fireworks".