You will need
  • - pastel;
  • paper;
  • - fixative.
Before you pick up chalk pastels, pick up the paper for drawing. From its quality directly affects the appearance of the picture and durability. Pastel is best rests on the special abrasive paper for paint, on a velvet paper and textured paper for pastels. The color of the paper is usually in accordance with the colors of the picture. On a white background pastel looks quite dull, so it is better to choose more saturated hues of the basics.
Experienced artists can start drawing without a preliminary sketch. If you are not confident appeal with soft materials, it is better to make a sketch. A simple pencil for this purpose are not suitable – pastel bad it falls on. It is better to take the charcoal or pastel chalk. Coal will need to brush away from the paper that there was only a slight trace. Otherwise black powder will mix with subsequent layers.
And oil and dry pastel work from the General to the particular. First you need to fill in the color of the background and large objects. To make a uniform fill, take small flat. Dry pastels can be smudged with your fingers. Oil pounded harder, you can use the brush or wet brush.
If you need to fix invalid barcode, delete it before you start to blend the pastel. Dry can be brushed off with a rag, a dry brush or "wet" eraser-clacky. Oil pastels you can try to remove a bristle brush or gently scrape off the wrong line blade.
More important elements of the picture make it more clear, not blur their boundaries. Distinct lines and dots can be drawn with a sharp corner of the chalk or pastel pencils. It is possible to scratch the outlines of some elements of the needle that was the color of the paper base.
Finished pastel paintings must be fixed. For this purpose it is sprayed 2-3 coats of fixative. Instead of specific products you can use hairspray. However, after this procedure, the picture may be darker. To know what the result will be, before starting work, apply strips of pastels of all shades on the paper and paint. Next put a spot of the same shades, but do not attach. After drying the fixative compare the shades and consider the results of this experiment while painting.
Drawing oil pastel sometimes leave loose. But then it is inserted in a frame under glass (the glass should not touch the paper). Pastel drawings in the albums you need to protect sheets of tracing paper.