You will need
  • - pencils;
  • - paper for drawing;
  • eraser.
Each animal has a specific body shape, which in turn is divided into smaller and simpler shapes (circles, rectangles, triangles, ellipses, etc.). Making between these geometric shapes in different positions, with different tilt and rotation angles, keeping the basic proportions of each species, you can literally "design" the animals in various poses. The proportions of the Dachshund is very easy to draw, because every part of her body has obvious clear shape and size. So, make a rough initial sketch of the head, neck, breast, and croup fees.
How to draw <strong>fee</strong>
Then draw the long hanging ears, front and hind legs, narrow tail of the animal. Position feet fees so that your drawing she confidently stood, not knelt. Line nearer to the viewer of the legs located below the line of feet in the background. These napolione line complete soft pencil lines without pressure, so they can be easily clarified and corrected.
How to draw <strong>fee</strong>
Now proceed to the delineation of the natural contours of the body taxes, giving simple geometric forms to more complex and accurate shape, focusing on the original picture or on the dog itself (if you draw from life). Do not aim for a completely accurate likeness, because the picture involves some "irregularity" and the artist's own perspective. It is this intimacy of the picture gives it much more value compared with the photo.
How to draw <strong>fee</strong>
A very important stage of drawing the dog is the contour of the eye. Eyes need to draw as possible precisely because they convey the mood and character of the animal, enliven the whole picture. First practice making a few sketches of faces with eyes. When you feel that your hand confidently draws a precise contour, draw the eyes taxes on your main picture.
How to draw <strong>fee</strong>
Possibly one of the live line with a soft pencil trace the final contour of a fee. The line should not be the same thickness: select the main shaping parts of the circuit and the most shaded place of the dog a thick line with a strong push, the bright areas – a weak, faint line, barely touching the pencil to the paper.
How to draw <strong>fee</strong>
With the help of shading, the blend in the form of a dog's body, make an image of volumetric fees. Body dachshunds are very muscular and strong, try to pass all the main reliefs of her body. Draw a drop-shadow and light background, giving the volume the space of your drawing.
How to draw <strong>fee</strong>