You will need
  • The desire to teach a child to draw with crayons.
On the pavement.Draw with crayons on the pavement very easily, baby figure it out himself. Your task is to put appropriate for the age of the child tasks. For example, for the baby 4-5 years to fit simple drawings of the sun, circle, cloud. Older children can offer to draw more complex images as well as classic classics. Most importantly, when you draw with crayons on the pavement, is to monitor the length of the chalk so that the child is not scratched.
Draw with crayons on paper.Crayons you can also paint on paper. Pictures will turn out very tender and interesting. As a canvas you can take a piece of Wallpaper. Attach the brackets to the Board and show the kid how to drive with crayons on it. In principle, teach your child to draw with crayons on paper can be even in 2-3 years. You require the constant presence and control. To drawing with crayons on paper came out more intense, you also have to purchase in addition to crayons are the ocher and charcoal. Don't forget to fix the drawing with hairspray when you finish the creation. Make sure to not hit the baby.
Draw on paper
Draw with crayons on the blackboard or furniture.Some furniture very successfully stands the test of crayons, and so you may choose her for his and kid's creativity. The figure on furniture in the nursery will surely enliven the room, and when he gets bored, it can be easily replaced by another. In addition to furniture, you can also put in the baby's room special Board and draw with crayons on it.
Draw on Board
Don't limit a child drawing with crayons. Learn to paint not only them, but their own hands and fingers, pre-paint them with crayons in any color.