Guide the legal registration of the results of construction. To do this, you should contact the local authorities with a written statement on the convening of the selection Committee, so they can consider entering the property into operation, the construction of which was recently completed.
Mention the stages of delivery of the completed construction of a country house in operation:- Conduct primary technical inventory, which includes: the drafting of the act on land; certificate of registration of land ownership; the decision of the Head of the authorizing design and construction; receiving an authorization letter for construction; approval and coordination of the project at home; the certified plan of the land those bodies that are responsible for conducting of cadastral works is necessary.- The document on the acceptance houses (finished construction) in the form of the act.
Provide necessary coordination with the following individuals: chief architect, Chairman of the Committee on land management and land resources of the state inspector of the Main Department of Natural Resources, the head of the regional administration, the chief of the State Fire Service, the Director of the Regional branch of the State Bureau of Technical Inventory, the head of the State Inspectorate of architectural-construction supervision.
Get the conclusion of bodies of State architectural construction supervision. To do this, collect the following documents:- a Certificate confirming the state registration and the right to land;- Decree of head of city (district), confirming the resolution of design and construction;- Decree on the allocation of this land;- Construction certificate, plan the placement of buildings on the property, approval letter on construction;- Approved and agreed the development project;- Registration card of GASK; Documents according to primary technical inventory;- Certificate of the admission fee;- a power of Attorney or a national passport;- the Number of the registered ID;- Documents coordination with the relevant services of different engineering communications (water, Sewerage, gas, electricity);- the Receipt of purchase a standalone fire detector.
Get the order from the head of the city Administration about putting the house in operation. The acceptance of completed construction object executed an act of admissions which must be approved by the head of the municipality.