The main sources from which the candidates learn about vacancies, they are:1) Sites devoted to job search;
2) Periodicals, in particular Newspapers, publishing jobs;
3) labor Exchanges and district employment centers;
4) job Fairs, which are held regularly.In addition, if you are interested in working in a particular company, it makes sense to appeal directly to the personnel Department of this company. Even if in given time there will be no right jobs, your resume could interest the employer. In this case, the summary is placed in the database. When a suitable vacancy you may be invited for an interview.If your profession is not in demand in the labour market, it is possible to undergo retraining. Such opportunity is given by regional employment centers of St. Petersburg, free of charge.
So, when looking for a job the first step will well-written resume. In it you will need to briefly tell your professional biography. You should start with General information: full name, date and place of birth, marital status. Specified in summary the expected position and salary. Following is a brief information about experience and education including courses and training. The main emphasis of the summary is on the previous experience and skills. To receive an invitation for an interview, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient for the desired position a wealth of knowledge and experience.
The second step to successful employment is the interview. Even if you are an experienced professional, you should be able to make on a potential employer a positive impression.Prepare for the interview. Find out information about the company you are going for a job interview: what does she do if she has the specifics and what. Pay attention to the details. Employers often have a negative attitude to such a seemingly little thing like lack of a pen from the applicant. Try not to be late for an interview, stay confident, know how to argue their point of view.
Don't despair if you don't immediately find work. Job search is work, the result here depends on many components.Usually, commitment and initiative in the search lead to success. The last test that awaits the successful applicant, on probation. It is usually denoted in two or three, at least four months. At this stage, the employer and the new employee get accustomed and get used to each other. But if you have a responsible attitude to official duties, this test is very easy compared to the previous.