You will need
  • Remote control.
Turn on the TV. Press info-menu-mute-power. This combination is suitable for most PDP and LCD TVs. But some models, especially with a diagonal of 23 inch do not respond to this sequence. They have laid another combination - MUTE-1-8-2-POWER ON. It should be noted that all these keys to be pressed sequentially and as quickly as possible (no more than 1-2 seconds to do this). If you fail the first time, try again. You see a window with the heading “Service Menu”.
Navigate through the menu using the control buttons (right, left, down, up). In order to select a specific section – click “OK”. To exit to the upper level press “Menu”.
Structure engineering menu changes every year, there are new platforms and firmware, but does not change the basic parameters:
- Panel On Time – the first line stands for “life panels”.

- Ready – turn on and off with the DTV tuner ON and OFF, respectively).

- Option table – not depend on the input and is responsible for General settings of the TV.

- Shop Mode shop mode (ON / off, OFF – on).

- Dimm Type – information about the matrix that is installed on your model.

- Reset – reset.
Make adjustments to the settings. Before doing so, think whether. Incorrectly changing a parameter can be completely knock down all the settings after wizard you will not understand.
Save the settings. If you wish to restore the default (factory) settings, run the command “Reset”.
Turn off the TV to exit the engineering menu.
If, after adjustments have deteriorated the image or you have any other problems, go back to the menu and load the standard settings (Reset).