Despite the great diversity of forms, the requirements for conditions of detention have all the figs are almost identical. They are light-requiring, but can not tolerate direct sunlight. The soil should be nutritious, but it is desirable that the size of the container is much higher than the volume of the root system. Ficus do not like drafts, and at the hypothermia of the soil may even lose leaves. The desired temperature of the air in the room - 25-30 degrees in the summer and 16-20 in the winter. Ficus must be properly watered.
Optimal amount need water each individual plant. It depends on many factors – age and phase of development, time of year and soil properties, external conditions - light, temperature. All these factors affect the intensity of water consumption by the plant.
Water the ficus is not on the schedule, and as needed. The degree of moisture of the earthen coma is defined to the touch. Deepen your finger in the ground at 2-3cm and if it is a ficus growing in the tub, 5-7cm. the Soil sticks to the finger – watering is not required. If the ground is dry the plant should be watered.
Water for irrigation should be at room temperature. Will vzryhlite soil. Pour slowly so that the ground is well soaked. Water is poured several times until, until it begins to protrude from the drainage holes. After half an hour, drain from the pan the excess. In summer, the harmful lack. Watering should be abundant, but until the next time the soil should have time to dry. Winter can harm the excess moisture.
For normal growth of plants it is also important that the relative humidity was at least 50%, better 70%. When the content in the heated rooms, and in the summer heat, it is desirable to apply the spray. The water should be warm and soft, hard can leave on leaves white spots.