You will need
  • -a sharp knife or secateurs;
  • -alcohol, peroxide and any other disinfectant solution;
  • soft cloth;
  • -a basin of water.
The best time to pridobivanje ficus — spring. In the spring most quickly produce new shoots. Wounds that are inevitable in such procedures, in the spring heal quite easily. Thereby reducing the risk of the disease. Therefore, before the end of February or beginning of March the plants should not touch.
Wait until the ficus will reach optimal height. Disinfect the knife. It can be wiped with alcohol or pour hydrogen peroxide. The knife must be very sharp, because the trunk of the ficus cutting pretty hard. You can be heated up a knife over a flame for several minutes. Pinch in two ways. If you are satisfied with the current height of the ficus and the escape is thin enough, cut it just below the growing point. In this case, you can make a straight cut.
Too much ficus should be trimmed differently. Determine the desired height and find a leaf or branch, which are below this point. Trim the ficus 5-8 cm above this sheet. The slice in this case must be oblique. The bottom of it is at the level of the kidneys, on the opposite side of the trunk. The height of cut should be located just above the kidney.
Cloth dampened with water soft cloth wipe off the milky juice from the trunk. Cloth pressing is impossible, it should be discarded. The water itself will stop further discharge of juice. No more treatment of the ficus does not require great they will be delayed themselves.
Wait a month and feed the ficus. After fertilizing it should start to grow rapidly. You can transplant it into a pot of larger diameter (to an old pot freely entered into new). But this can not be done fairly in the first year to change part of the soil. After the first successful operation can continue with the formation of the crown of the ficus. The following spring the same way presidnete side shoots.