Elastica ficus

The ficus elastica is one of the most popular houseplants, has earned a reputation thanks to the large, beautiful and dense leaves, which grow to half a meter in length. Dark green, shiny oval leaves with pointed tips look very impressive both at home and in the office. Ficus elastica not only looks good, it is still very useful for microclimate of premises, this plant is perfectly revitalizes the air, enriches it with oxygen and clean from contaminants.

This ficus does not require complex conditions. It should be kept in a shaded place, preferably away from direct sunlight. In summer, it withstands temperatures up to 30 ° C, in winter it grows well at a temperature of not less than 17 o C.
This plant is enough to water one to two times a week separated by water, spray is optional, it is sometimes possible to wipe the leaves from dust.

Ficus Benjamin

Ficus benjamina is another common houseplant that can often be seen in shopping and entertainment centers, offices and other public places as a decorative item. This plant attracts attention – ficus benjamina grows to several meters in height, representing or spreading shrub or tree, with beautiful and dense crown.
The leaves of the ficus small, length eight inches, they can be uniform in color, and brightly colored.

Ficus Benjamin is a bit more demanding of content than elastica. This plant loves a warm and light place, does not respond well to waterlogging and watering with cold water. But most importantly – this large ficus tree does not like when its moving from place to place, he begins to drop leaves until you get used to the new environment.

Bengal ficus

From ancient Eastern manuscripts Bengali ficus tree called the World tree, this plant is considered a symbol of immortality, and today it is extensively grown in many homes. The Bengal ficus is powerful branches, aerial roots and quite large dark green leaves.

These flowers like to grow in the spacious rooms, with enough space they can reach three meters in height. Otherwise no special detention conditions there – the ficus needs to be watered a couple times a week and keep in place with enough natural light but not in direct sunlight.

Dwarf ficus

Dwarf ficus is one of the most beautiful of the genus ficus, is a small-leaved plant with flexible stems that resemble wire. The dwarf ficus leaves thin, cordate, bright, matte shade. These plants are perfectly fine on the Windows facing East or West, but from the midday sun they should be protected.