1. The placement of the ficus tree in the apartment

It is very important not only to care for a ficus tree, but first and foremost the right to place it in the apartment. Rubber plants do not tolerate frequent movement, they are often the cause of plant diseases. Unacceptable neighborhood of ficus with drafts and direct sunlight. However, exceptionally, they can be moved to fresh air, such trips are beneficial to the General state of the plant.

2. Lighting plants

Very important for ficus is the quality of the sunlight falling on its large fleshy leaves. Optimum for plants is diffused light, or artificial shading. If possible, you should ensure ficus contact with the morning rays of the sun and thus cut from the midday.

3. Temperature mode

For those who want to properly care for a ficus tree, the main issue should be the air temperature which should be sufficiently, but not excessively high (no more than 25 degrees Celsius). However, some species of ficus, for example, variegated, you need less heat, they can grow and reproduce at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. They are easier to tolerate cool than the drafts and temperature changes. This is because temperature fluctuations lead to changes in the temperature of the soil, which is detrimental for almost all kinds of figs.

4. Features watering

Water the plant is in accordance with his individual characteristics, for example, a large ficus tree needs more water than a small one. But they are very difficult to tolerate dry air, it is therefore necessary to spray the crown of the plant several times a day.

5. Propagation of ficus

In order to propagate the ficus, the best method is to use cuttings. To do so, cut the branch of a healthy plant in the spring and plant it in the best for the ficus soil. However, this plant has such a feature as the special allocation of milk, which is viscous and sticky. To rooting cuttings it went quicker right after cutoff to put it in warm water.