Growing figs at home

There are about eight varieties of ficus, which may take the form of a tree, bushes or vines can be evergreen or deciduous. In the home often grow ficus benjamina, ficus repens, elastica, lyre-shaped and other types.

Most of them is simplicity – these plants like well-lit places with ambient light, do not require frequent watering, tolerates a lower temperature in winter and even grow better in the cool and summer like warmth. Ficus are intolerant to two situations: when you change their location or when they stand in the draft.

The leaves of ficus live up to 2-3 years, then turn yellow and fall off, it's a natural process, in the place of fallen leaves grow, so a healthy plant has a dense green crown.
If the ficus started faster and more abundant to lose leaves, you need to look for other causes such a reaction and eliminate them.

The reasons for the dropping of the leaves of ficus

One of the most common reasons for ficus tree leaves are falling, it's a strong draft. These plants like a quiet air and a light breeze answer yellowing and leaf drop. Find a suitable location for ficus with sufficient amount of light and is well protected from drafts. But remember that after moving the plant a long time getting used to a new place and responds to the movement of the same dropping of the leaves. Rubber plants are very susceptible to stress and rearrange them from place to place can also be a cause of the drop leaves. Especially sharply they react, if you put them in a dark place.
Well-lit ficus quickly starts to cover the new light green leaves.

Ficus is unpretentious when it comes to irrigation, they can withstand prolonged drying out. But to waterlogging, these plants are bad, if you water them frequently and abundantly, also may fall off the leaves. If this is the case, then you need to take a break from watering for two weeks. If the result of a ficus tree continues to lose leaves, it means that the roots had to rot – flower-transplanting, removing decayed roots.

Despite the fact that the soil is too wet they can't stand, they love the humid air in the room – ideally around 75%. Dry air also leads to the dropping of leaves, so it is desirable to spray the plant.

Sometimes ficus drops leaves due to lack of nutrients, in this case, you need spring and summer twice a month to podkalivat it with minerals and organic fertilizers. Also ensure that the plant is not infested pests such as red spider mite that causes the appearance of small white spots on the leaves and them falling off.