Ficus does not like change, so it is better for him to determine the permanent location. Better is it with this place not to move and not to move. In the summer, the ficus can be taken to fresh air, terrace or balcony, but not in the midday sun, and a little in the shade so the plant does not get direct sunlight.
Winter ficus best brings in dry and warm room, if he will provide additional lighting and periodic spraying. And the higher the temperature, the more light the plant is required.
On hypothermia ficus reacts quite painful. So don't put the plant on a cool window sill or floor, if you do not want your pet felt bad or even dropped leaves. Sudden temperature spikes also avoid.
The need of ficus (or any other plants) in water depends on its age, soil properties, condition, phase of plant development, and also the time of year, the material of the container and other factors. Ficus does not require installation of a rigid watering schedule, because the light, humidity, temperature and other external conditions change constantly and affect the intensity of water consumption by the plant is also constantly.
Signs that the container for the ficus was on the small side, are fully braided with the roots of plants clod, the rapid drying of soil after irrigation, the roots emerge from the drainage. Transplanting is carried out in the spring and summer, so after the plant is better adapted to the new conditions. The young rubber plants should be transplanted annually in capacity, which is greater than 2-3 cm in diameter than the previous one. Adult specimens (over four years) transplanted every two or three years in a pot, which is more than the previous 3-4 cm is Used as a transshipment.
Pour the plant so that it was easier to pull out of the container. Then remove the ficus from the pot, remove the top layer of soil and Pat the earthen room, braided roots. Lightly shake the plant and move into a new pot where ready drainage layer (a few shards laid hump up and sprinkled with a layer of expanded clay, pebbles, sphagnum moss or small pebbles). Fill the plant with earth.
Large tub with a ficus that are difficult to transplant, act differently: one to two times a year they change the top layer of the earth.
After the transplant the ficus can for about a month to slow down growth because the root system needs some time for adaptation. This is especially true in the case when a new pot is too big.