Place the cut tip of the ficus in a jar of water at room temperature. Place container in a well-lit and warm place. For example, on a window sill facing the South side. The water in the pot change on a daily basis.
While the new ficus give the roots, prepare a small pot and soil for planting. Take 2 parts humus earth and 1 part river sand and mix thoroughly. Fill sand-humus mixture in the pot, the bottom of which must be arranged by the drainage of expanded clay or small stones (ledesco).
Gave the roots a segment of a ficus plant in loose moist soil. Hard to bury is not necessary. In order painless rooting is possible to cover the plant cover of the film or the glass, if it make the leaves. Ideal for ficus at this stage – a warm and humid room.
Water moderately, not flooding. Occasionally remove the film cover (or jar) and sprinkle them with the plant or gently wipe the leaves with a damp sponge.
When it will be seen that the plant has taken root and feels good in the pot (this will indicate a healthy radiant Shine and intense color leaves), the film or the jar can be removed. First, the ficus tree should be protected from direct sunlight. Gradually, however, you should move the pot closer to the brightly lit place, accustoming the plant to the sun (adult ficus likes direct rays).