You will need
  • - corrupted memory card
  • - the program for reading codes
  • program for file recovery.
In order to recover damaged memory card, first check its model and manufacturer. Then find a special utility to work with this controller. To find out it will not be difficult.
To do this, grab your USB flash drive, gently open the body with a knife and read the model name of the controller. Be careful, because often such data are displayed on the back side of the chip. If you found nothing, then define a controller for vendor ID and device ID, that is, special codes protection firmware VID and PID. Once the codes are found, download from Internet programs that recognize these codes.
Do not worry if the program can not consider codes as a chance to recover from a corrupted memory card you still. Try to do the other way. Find the manufacturer using the codes. To do this, use the special databases. For example, you can use the iFlash database.
Once you identify the manufacturer, find service tool on the Internet to work with the chip-controller. Download a utility from the manufacturer's website, you can quickly and completely free.
When the repair is complete the chip-controller, try to pull out data from the memory. Remember, for this you will need to use special software for data recovery. Keep in mind, this will absolutely fit any program, including LostFlashFoto.
If the corrupted files didn't restore, and they are not particularly valuable to you, then test for the presence of bad sectors in the map memory.