First, consider the logic faulty. Flash card in this case will be recognized by the system as blank or not formatted. The recorded files will not be visible. Such a failure is the result of premature extraction of the card from the connector. Also, the cause may be a sudden power outage of the operating system. In the end, all documents will be in place, and the service table file system is corrupted. Thus, you will not be able to see the data stored on the media.
To solve the problem, there are special data recovery programs. It is best to use EasyRecovery. However, the program may not always help solve problems. Sometimes, to recover important files on the flash drive, you must perform laborious "jewelry" work.
To this kind of problem with the flash drive not occurred, it is necessary to use the "safely remove hardware" to complete the work with the media. Also do not need to pull the carrier out of the computer until the system considers the data from it.
Special attention should be paid to mechanical breakdowns. After an injury the carrier may temporarily operate with virtually no failures. Failure of this kind occurs from careless attitude to the device. First and foremost is the damage to the body of the flash drive, then shifted to the separators, contacts, and lands the catch of the ban and write permissions. If cracked chip memory, the data in any case will be lost. In other cases, the need to recover the contacts, to carry out the replacement of damaged parts, to strengthen the USB connector, to repair or replace the housing.
To avoid this problem, you must initially purchase a quality USB Flash, which are durable and not too slim. It is best to buy media in a one piece body. Popular flash drive with rubberized casing.