You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - a small Phillips screwdriver.
For Troubleshooting in the flash drive, use special tools. To choose the right software, pre-find out the name built-in controller by opening the device or using software using utility UsbIDCheck (
If the device is not recognized in the system, put the drive in a test mode by jumper 29 and 30 pins of the chip device. If changes have occurred, most likely, the flash drive can not be restored.
Next, complete the online request according to the received information to download the appropriate software to restore the drive after learning the codes according to the received information about the manufacturer of the controller (you can use the iFlash database, available here Best recovery utility to download from the manufacturer's website.
Carefully read the instructions supplied with the software. For different models of controllers on the sequence of actions can differentiate.
If you do not understand the main points of the restore procedure, consult the specialists of service centers in your city or just buy a new drive. If earlier on your device were the files you need, most likely, you can say goodbye to them, as most tools for recovery of flash cards mean formatting the device.
If possible, make a backup copy of the data from your drive. If you are restoring a drive to use in the future not keep it the only copy of important data.