You will need
  • computer with USB port, Internet access
To restore files from USB stick use the program Flash Recovery Free, which is distributed free of charge. Allows to recover deleted files, digital images, video, audio and other documents. Install the program on your computer, insert the flash drive into the appropriate connector. Run the utility and select from the list the driveyou wish to recover files. In automatic mode the program will analyze all possibilities of recovering the lost information. Wait for a full scan. Then select the files for recovery and specify a path to save them. At the end of the restore process, check the files.
Kingston USB flash drive equipped with a microcontroller SK6211. When incorrect operation the USB device will produce failures are different in nature. Damage to the driver microcontroller may be due to virus attack. For software repair drive which gives an error in the recording process or do not allows to save the information changed the amount of available memory, ceased to be detected by the operating system, use another free tool Repair_v2.9.1.1. Find using the search engine link and download the program. Remove all the operating drives of the connectors and insert spoiled. Run the program. Wait for the formatting process.
In cases where USB flash is working, but data stored on it is important file, for example *.doc or *.xls, corrupt, you will need hardware data recovery. While the drive to understand, otpaivat memory chips, read its data in the dump using a hardware-software complex, correct the ECC error-correction. Then decode the resulting dump and create a valid image file, extract the container and mounted in a special program called TrueCrypt. Therefore, if the damaged data is important for the user, it is not recommended to restore their software.